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Dr. Siciid Axmed Xasan Iyo Barnaamujka Xogwaran




Ragna Bilado Dahaba ayey Qaranka iyo Naftooda u Soo hooyeen Ragna dalkooda iney dumeyaan ayey Duurka u galeen kala awran labaduye Caqligii Wanaagsani Itaal inuu ka roon yahay bal eegoo u firsada!!!!!!!


The documentary #Somaliland


Las Anod:


A Journey to Somaliland!



London cash machines more filthy than public toilets or Tube poles, new research finds

Rebecca Speare-Cole

a person using a laptop

© Provided by Independent Digital News & Media Limited

Terrifying levels of filth have been found lurking on ATMs around London, new research reveals.

A team of experts swabbed 27 cash points across the capital and found that some were festering with more bacteria than loo seats, public toilet door handles and poles on the Tube.

One cash machine in Shepherd’s Bush was found to have 100 times more bacteria than what is considered the safety limit for medical operating theatre surfaces and dining tables, according to the study from financial blog Quid Corner.

This ATM located at 420 Uxbridge Road was found to be the grimiest machine from those tested around London.

a close up of a map: The grimiest and cleanest ATMs found around London, according to the new research. (Quid Corner)

© Provided by Independent Digital News & Media Limited The grimiest and cleanest ATMs found around London, according to the new research. (Quid Corner)

Coming in second was a machine at 415 Strand, closely followed by another at 122 High Holborn near Piccadilly Circus.

Other filthy cash points included one at 208 Piccadilly, two near Oxford Street and two on Camden High Street.

A member of the Quid Corner team told the Standard: “When you’re commuting around London you get used to a bit of grime, so I wasn’t too shocked to find out that a lot of the cash machines were pretty dirty.

“What did shock me was the fact that the ones the looked the cleanest were the ones that harboured the most bacteria.”

Top 10 dirtiest ATMs found in London

1. 420 Uxbridge Rd: 1049.75 RLU

2. 415 Strand: 840.75 RLU

3. 122 High Holborn: 809.75 RLU

4. 114-120 Camden High St: 655.25 RLU

5. 154-120 Camden High St: 612.5 RLU

6. 17 Gerard St: 609.5 RLU

7. 208 Piccadilly: 573.5 RLU

8. Market Place, Oxford St: 548.25 RLU

9. Westfield Stratford City: 533.25 RLU

10. Broadwick Street, Oxford St: 524.5 RLU

The team put this down to the number of customers because a rarely-used ATM will collect dirt, grime and pollution making it appear filthy.

“However, a cash machine that is used regularly will have this grime wiped away by the many people that touch it and instead it will collect all the various bacteria they have on their hands,” they said.

“So when you’re using a cash point in a well-trodden part of London it’s almost as if you’re shaking hands with the hundreds of other people who’ve used it before you.”

The tests were carried out using a measurement of light to calculate the amount of adenosine triphosphate present – a chemical that bacteria use to process energy.

The reader took measurements in relative light unit scores or RLU. Only 10 RLU’s are considered safe in operating theatres, according to the research.

However, more than 1049.75 RLU were found on the Shepherd’s Bush machine alone.

a screenshot of a cell phone: Comparing cash machines to surfaces found on a London commute. (Quid Corner)

© Provided by Independent Digital News & Media Limited Comparing cash machines to surfaces found on a London commute. (Quid Corner)

The team used Google Maps to find various cash machines in some of the busiest most heavily-trafficked areas.

With a shortlist of 27 cash machines they went about finding the dirtiest by swabbing the cash machines all over the city.

They then placed the swab on the SystemSURE Plus reader to find some disturbing results which were compared to objects and surfaces typical for a London commute – from the bottom of a shoe to a bathroom sink.

The dirtiest part of the cash machines were the keypad with an average of 734 RLU. Next was the touchscreen or buttons with an average of 640 RLU, the research found.

“You just need to remember that a cash machine carries more bacteria that a toilet door handle or even a toilet seat,” the team said.

“So, in the same way that you would wash your hands after using the toilet, after using a cash machine make a note to wash your hands at your next opportunity.”

Evening Standard



Puntland waa maamulka kaliya ee ku jira Federalka Somaliya ee awood muuqato leh Somaliya Siyaasadeeda.Puntland waxay mar caalamka tustaa inSomaliya ka madaxbanaan yihiin,kolna waxay u muujiyaan in ay somaliya iyagu gacanta ku hayso,oo ay kaalinta ugu weyn ee siyaasada Somaliya ay iyagu yihiin indhaha iyo dhagaha Somaliya ay wax ku aragto waxna ku maqasho.Sidaasi ma dhabbaa?

Koley wax badan way isbedeli doonaan hadii marka dawlad goboleedada Somaliya indhaha loo jeexo oo dhegana loo daweeyo,balse inta ay indho iyo dhego la yihiin meel ma gaadhayso!.


‘Get out of London,’ Sadiq Khan tells organisers of world’s largest arms fair

a group of people in a vehicle

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Sadiq Khan has told organisers of the world’s largest arms fair to move it out of London as protests mount over the “abhorrent” event.

Almost 100 people have so far been arrested at demonstrations against the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) fair, which will open at the ExCeL centre on Tuesday.

It will see arms manufacturers market their wares to international delegations from Saudi Arabia and other nations who continue to bomb Yemen, which has become the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

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Saudi representatives to DSEI, despite judges ruling the sale of weapons used in the conflict unlawful in an ongoing court battle. 

Ministers are to give speeches and meet foreign military officials, while the UK armed forces hosts delegates in pavilions surrounded by rockets, tanks, jets, grenades and ammunition.

In a letter to the director of DSEI, seen exclusively by The Independent, Mr Khan said the biennial event was opposed by campaigners and Londoners who do not want weapons to be traded in their city.

“I too strongly oppose this event taking place in London,” the Labour mayor said.

“London is a global city, which is home to individuals who have fled conflict and suffered as a consequence of arms and weapons like those exhibited at DSEI.

“In order to represent Londoners’ interests, I will take any opportunity available to prevent this event from taking place at the Royal Docks in future years.”

He told organisers to “reconsider hosting the fair in London in future” and cover the costs to the Metropolitan Police.

Policing protests at DSEI 2017 cost the force almost £1m in total, including £823,750 in officers’ pay, £154,100 in overtime and £20,073 in “direct costs” such as vehicles and food.

More than 2,800 police officer shifts were needed to cover the 12-day operation.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan poses during an interview with Reuters at an event to promote the start of London Tech Week, in London, Britain, June 10, 2019.  REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

© Thomson Reuters Mayor of London Sadiq Khan poses during an interview with Reuters at an event to promote the start of London Tech Week, in London, Britain, June 10, 2019. REUTERS/Dylan Martinez A total of 98 demonstrators have so far been arrested during protests that started last week against this year’s DSEI fair, and Scotland Yard said a “proportionate policing plan” was in place.

Andrew Smith, of the Campaign Against Arms Trade group, accused police of being “heavy-handed” in their response to demonstrators blocking a road into the venue.

“The best way for the government to cut the policing cost would be to shut down DSEI,” he told The Independent.

“It is very welcome to see such a prominent politician making a strong statement. DSEI is a moral disgrace and should be firmly opposed, whether it is taking place in London or anywhere else.

“It will bring a roll call of the world’s most repressive regimes together with all of the biggest arms companies. They will be there for one reason: to sell as many weapons as possible, regardless of the consequences.”

The event is supported by the Ministry of Defence and the Department for International Trade, which has a wing dedicated to arms exports.

British defence giant BAE Systems is listed as a “platinum partner” alongside American firm General Dynamics, while the United Arab Emirates will have its own pavilion.

The country is part of a Saudi-led coalition bombing Yemen in a campaign that has killed an estimated 8,000 civilians and driven a deadly cholera outbreak and famine.

Government figures show that export licences worth £6.2bn have been granted to members of the Saudi-led alliance in the four years since the conflict began in March 2015.

In a letter to the Royal Docks Management Authority, which runs the ExCeL, Mr Khan said he was “opposed to London being used as a marketplace for the trade of weapons”.

The local authority, Newham Council, also opposes DSEI being held at the conference centre and is holding an “alternative peace exhibition” hosting campaigners and politicians on Tuesday.

Rokhsana Fiaz, the mayor of Newham, called the arms fair “abhorrent” after the council passed a motion “rejecting the economic arguments cynically deployed in defence of this trade”.

a plane sitting on top of a table: The DSEI arms fair in London, 2017 (Lizzie Dearden)

© Provided by Independent Digital News & Media Limited The DSEI arms fair in London, 2017 (Lizzie Dearden)

“Newham is a very diverse borough and many of our communities have links across the globe to those areas that have been affected by conflict, displacement and the horror of war,” she said.

“This council is doing everything we can to prevent the DSEI coming to Newham ever again.”

In a response to Mr Khan’s letter, DSEI event director Grant Burgham said it “plays an important role in supporting the Ministry of Defence’s procurement needs, helping deliver British jobs and economic growth, and deepening the UK’s partnerships on a global stage”.

“The event serves only the interests of the legitimate defence and security industry, which is the most highly and tightly regulated in the world,” he added.

“Government agencies responsible for enforcing the law at DSEI are on site during setup and throughout the exhibition.”

Mr Burgham said all security costs incurred as a direct result of the event would be met by DSEI, and that organisers “fully respect the right to lawful protest”.

The government is fighting a Court of Appeal ruling that found its continued licensing of weapons to Saudi Arabia “irrational and therefore unlawful” in June.

“The UK operates one of the most robust export control regimes in the world,” a spokesperson said. “The government undertakes a stringent process of scrutiny and approval before issuing any formal invitations to foreign governments to attend a major UK defence exhibition like DSEI.”

by Lizzie Dearden

source: The Independent


Africa dialogue only effective if followed by action

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Africa remains small by global standards, but prominent in relation to Gross domestic products (GDP

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, September 4, 2019/APO Group/ —

Africa’s growth remains uneven, with East Africa out-pacing the rest of the continent; The continent grew 3.8% in 2018, with Sub-Saharan Africa rising somewhat slower, at 2.6%; FDI into Africa remains small by global standards, but prominent in relation to GDP; The US and western Europe remain Africa’s largest investors; FDI flows to the most diversified, business friendly economies.

Document link:

At the start of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Cape Town today, South Africa, along with many other African countries, face an unprecedented set of economic challenges that need urgent attention that should be addressed by creating an enabling business environment.

Sandile Hlophe, EY ( Africa Government & Public Sector Leader, who advises many levels of South African government on digital transformation, financial improvement and risk management, said that as aspirational as WEF Africa’s aims are, dialogue is only effective if followed by action.

Speaking from WEF Cape Town at the launch of the EY Africa Attractiveness report 2019 – that looks at how South Africa and the African continent, are attracting FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) to grow their economies, Hlophe said that it was high time for a “sleeves rolled up, action orientated agenda” to accelerate FDI flows to the continent. “We need a shift from ideology and dialogue to accelerated implementation.”

Hlophe noted that attracting FDI should be one the most important initiatives for African governments.

“FDI helps in economic development and is especially important for developing economies as it leads to job creation and wealth creating economic growth, he continues.”

He said that after a growth ‘drought decade’, Africa appeared to be making its way back onto a growth trajectory with FDI inflows to the continent expected to increase following a rise of 11% in 2018.

FDI helps in economic development and is especially important for developing economies as it leads to job creation and wealth creating economic growth

Encouraging as the signs are, more needs to be done because Africa’s growth remains below potential. FDI inflows, for example, are still below the annual average of the last 10 years.

South Africa

Looking at South Africa, Hlophe noted that the country attracted the highest number of FDI flows projects in Africa (110). South Africa however only attracted US$5m in FDI, placing it behind Egypt (US$12m), Algeria (US$9m), Nigeria (US$8m), Ethiopia (US$7m) and even Zimbabwe (US$6m).

“Despite being a country critically lacking in consumer and business confidence, and with unemployment stubbornly high, it is encouraging that South Africa remains on investors’ radar.

“An urgent focus on implementing economic reforms as outlined in the President’s economic stimulus and recovery plan announced in September 2018 and progressing State Owned Companies plans to strengthen governance and stabilise cash flows, will go a long way towards stimulating increased FDI flows,” he added.

Technology as FDI magnet

Technology focused FDI, in Africa and the rest of the world, is rising steadily as the pace of digital transformation picks up.

“While Africa is still behind the technology curve, there is a once-in-50-years opportunity for the continent to leapfrog incremental technology advancement. By adopting digital transformation successes from more advanced countries – such as intelligent automation, cloud-based software deployment and data storage – Africa can quickly scale up its technology use.”

Hlophe added that the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) meant investing in digital infrastructure that enables independent devices (such smart phones, computers and vehicle navigations systems) to communicate with each other by exchanging and analysing data to provide humans with actionable insights.

“Getting business and government to work together in investing in digital infrastructure, such as 5G data networks, WIFI platforms and Cloud data centres, will place African countries at the front of the FDI investment queue,” he concluded.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of EY.


H.H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed receives Liberian FM

Sheikh Abdullah welcomed his Liberian counterpart and stressed the UAE’s desire to establish outstanding relations and enhance cooperation with Liberia in all domains

تتوفر أيضا في العربية ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates, September 4, 2019/APO Group/ —

H.H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, has received Liberia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gbehzohngar Milton.

Sheikh Abdullah and Milton signed a Memorandum of Understanding on political consultations between the two countries

During the meeting, held at the ministry in Abu Dhabi, they discussed ways to boost bilateral relations and cooperation and exchanged views on the latest regional developments. They also tackled a number of regional and global issues of mutual interest.

Sheikh Abdullah welcomed his Liberian counterpart and stressed the UAE’s desire to establish outstanding relations and enhance cooperation with Liberia in all domains.

In turn, Milton emphasised his country’s pursuance to develop cooperation while lauding the UAE’s pioneering stature regionally and internationally, as well as the enlightened vision of its wise leadership that resulted in accomplishing renaissance in all fields.

At the end of the meeting, Sheikh Abdullah and Milton signed a Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, on political consultations between the two countries.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of United Arab Emirates Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Coperation.



Qaynuunka Caalamiga ah (international law) ayaa loo cuskadaa marka laga hadlayo aqoonsiga qaran jiritaankiisa waxaana loo ee gaa in laga helo oo uu qaranku lee yahay :

  1. Dad joogto ah (permanent population)
  2.   Dhul Cayiman (a defined territory)
  3.  Dawlad (Government ) iyo
  4. Capacity to enter into relations with other states.

Somaliland intaas oo astaamoodba way leedahay waxaa u dheer in ay somalida konfureed kala ahaayeen laba dal oo midba gaarkiisa u lahaa xuduudo u gooniya oo caalamiya intii aaney isku biirin ka hor 1 July 1960.

Dr James Summers, ayaa qaba sidan mar uu wax ka qoray Self-Determination in International Law:-

The right of peoples to self-determination is their right to freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social, and cultural development. It has a central position in international law as a primary principle in the creation and destruction of states. It features in Article 1 of the UN Charter (1945) as one of the purposes of the organization. It is positioned as the first right in the twin Human Rights Covenants (the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights [ICCPR] and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights [ICESCR]).

Hadaba maxaa loo la yahay in hal dal ku dhiirado aqoonsiga Somaliland,Saaxiib khabiira ayaa su’aashaa si dadban aan u weydiiyey wuxuu igu yidhi “ Somaliland  wakhtigii ay xornimada qaadatey madaxdii dunida ee wakhtigaasi ma jiraan,Somaliland ka hor 1991 waxay ka mid ahayd dal la yidhaa soomaliya,dadka maanta madaxda ka ah dunidu waxay og yihiin somaliya oo dawladii ka talin jirtey burburtey,Somaliland ka godey,taariikhda waa la akhriyaa,waana la isgaadhsiiyaa  balse dadka Somaliland ayaa ka gaabiyey qadiyadooda iney si waafiya uga dhaadhiciyaan caalamka”.Tani waa run uu ninkaasi ku dooday waayo dad badan Ayaan waxba kala socon taariikhda Somaliland,oo u haysta in Somaliland iyo Somaliya isku taariikh ahaayeen oo weligoodba hal dal wada ahaayeen,cidii caalamka u bandhigilahayna waxay ka door bidiin in ay ka hawlyareystaan.Sidaa awgeed

Jawaabta su’aashani waa mid furan oo qof walba rayigiisa ku cabiri karo balse waxaa ay aniga iigu muuqataa mid aaney weli u diyaar ahayn somalilader ka laftigooda in ay bulshada caalamka ee madaxa banaan ka mid noqdaan, ama ay sugayaan in waajibaadkooda shaqo ee ku aadan helida aqoonsi calamiya ay ka sugayaan cid kale iney u qabato taas waxaa aan u lee yahay markaad aragtid sida ay wax u socdaan ilaa dib ula soo noqoshadii dalkii xornimada ka qaatey boqortooyadii midowday (UK) sanadkii 1960 kii  ilaa maanta waxaa kuu cadaan kara in aaney jirin siyaasad cad oo qaran oo Somalider ku u dejisteen sidii ay uga mid noqon lahaayeen dalalka la aqoonsan yahay,oo taariikhda horeba uga mid ahaayeen mudo shan cisho ah oo ah dawlad jirtey noqdeen ugu yaraana 25 dal in ka badani aqoonsadeen ka dib markii 26 June 1960 xoriyadooda ka qaateen dalka Britain.

Sidaa darteed Sababta Somaliland loo aqoonsan la yahay waxay salka ku haysaa arimahan hoos ku qoran:

  1. Somalilanderka oo aan degsan Qorshe Siyaasadeed oo wax ku ool ah

Maxaa aan ula jeedaa arintan waxaa ula jeedaa hadii Qaranka Somaliland rabo in uu si buuxda ugu guuleysto in uu ka mid noqdo dalalka caalamka ee la aqoonsan yahay waxaa ahayd  inuu qaado talaabooyinkan:

  1. In dawladu dhisto gole balaadhan oo u howlgala sidii caalamka looga iibin lahaa qadiyada Somaliland.

Dadka qaar baa odhan kara waa jiraan golahani oo kan ugu dambeyey Marwo Adna ayaa madax u ah,taasi ma aha mid ku filan Adni waa hawlkar ka soo bixi karta shaqadaasi balse looma sameyn tasiiladkii ay u baahney hadey noqoto xafiiskii,misaaniyadii,shaqaalihii aqoon yahanadii,gudigii kale ee la shaqeyn lahayd balse waxaad moodaa xubin sharaf arinta Adna iyo siyaasiyiintii ka horeyeyba .

  • Xisbiyada Siyaasada Somaliland oo ay ahayd iney qorshe cad oo siyaasadeed u dejistaan sidii dalku u helilahaa aqoonsi oo dejistey qoshe ah sidii ay xukunka ku gaadhi lahaayeen oo keliya(Madaxweyne doon).

Xisbiyadu waxay nodeen kuwa hortaagan in Somaliland dal la aqoonsan yahay noqdo, waayo waxay noqdeen kuwo kursi iney gaadhaan xooga saara,oo wax kasta oo ay ku gaadhayaan xitaa hadii somalilandnimada laga tagayo ka horumariya kursidoonka taasina waa tan abuurtey in maanta la yidhaahdo Jahbad Somaliland ka soo horjeeda oo Ex-con.Caare hogaamiyo ayaa jirta.

Waa tan keentey in aynu maqalno ereyo badan oo ku lid ah qaranimada Somaliland oo somaliladerku Social media yaha isku mariyaan cuqaal,siyaasi iwm.

Arintaa waxaa abuurey waa Xisbiyada Siyaasadeed ee Somaliland oo aan lahayn aragti siyaasadeed oo qaran balse u dhisan uun aragti aan dhaafsisaneyn maalinta doorashooyinka iyo ku gaadhid maskab aan loo soo barbaarin qaab xisbi siyaasi ah oo raba in uu dal dhiso oo uu bedelo xisbigii ka horeyey siyaasdiisii wuu ku guul dareystey ee dhinaca horumarka dhaqaalaha,caafimaadka,waxbarshada iyo kaabayaashooda kala duwan.

Arimahaasi oo dhami waa kuwa Somaliland ka hortaagan in ay noqoto dal la aqoonsan yahay,mana muuqato in Somalinderku la imanayaan karti iyo qoshe balaadhan oo salka ku haya sahaminta saaxiibo cusub iyo baraarujinta kuwii hore ee u helanaa iney Somaliland noqoto qaran laga aqoonsan yahay caalamka.

  • Qaybyaalada oo qayb ka ah Siyaasada Somaliland
  • Somalilanderku waxa ay lee yihiin Siyaasiin aan rabin in ay soo baxaan kaadirin siyaasadeed oo cusub,mana laha daraasado cilmi ku saleysaan oo lagu furdaaminayo xal u helida dhibaatada qabyaalada taas bedelkeedana waxay barnaamujkooda siyaasadeed ee aan qarsooneyni yahay reer hebel in wax lagu doorto lagu soo baxo barnaamujka siyaasadeed ee siyaasiguna noqdo kaasi.

Arintani waxay wiiqday aragtidii wadaniyada iyo wadan jeceylka , waxaaney ka mid noqotey arimaha hoos u dhigay citirafka Somaliland.

Su’aal aan weydiiyey dad aanu kawada sheekeysano dhibaatooyinka dunida ee maanta ayaa su’aal aan weydiiyey ayaa ahayd sidan?

Bulshada Caalamku maxay u qabataa Somaliland?

Waxay ii sheegey: “Marka aad madaxa isla gashaan ayaa u yeedhataan oo idin heshiisiiyaan” Su’aal dib la iiweydiiyey ayaa ahayd : Ma arintaa mid weyn baad ka sugeysey,hadii la idin kala badbaadiyey!.

Waan garawsadey waayo waxaa aan ogaa inay run tahay oo marka ay xisbiyadeednu iyo dawladu is fahmi waayaan xisbiyada u yaacaan dhica beesha caalamka oo ay u ashkato tagaan sideed u heli kartaa aqoonsi hadii kuwii aad aqoonsiga ka rabtey aad lee dahay nakala saara hadii kale Somaliland jirimeyso?

  • Reernimada siyaasi iyo caaqil ku gaadhid dantiisa dhinaca siyaasada iyo dhaqaalaha,ninkii siyaasiya ee doonaya in uu si fudud u taajiro waxaa uu dhexda u xidhaa sidii uu u gelgelilahaa dawladnimada Somaliland oo ugu gorgortami lahaa xil iyo xoolo hadii kale somalandtu ma sii jiri doonto ayuu ku hadaaqaa.Arintani waa ka qayb dhibaatada inaga haysatada citiraaf caalami.

Mahadsanidin dhamaan





Somaliland waxay lee dahay laba gole oo  kal duwan kuwaas oo kala ah :

1- Golaha Wakiilada

2- Golaha Guurtida

labada gole Shaqadooda ugu muhiimsan waxa ka mida arimahan:

a) Hubinta iyo la xisaabtanka dawlada shaqadeeda in ay u gudatey qaabka sharcigu jideynayo iyo in kale (scrutiny).

b) Sameyta iyo bedelada Shuruucda (legislation).

c) Hubinta iyo hagaajinta habka dawladu u qarashgareyso misaaniyada (budget/Taxes)

d) Falanqeynta iyo ka doodida arimaha muhiimka ah ee qaranka iyo asaxinta mooshinada iwm.(debating). Labada gole ee Guurtida iyo Wakiiladu waa laba shaqadoodu isku xidhan tahay oo mid walba kan kale kaabayo,oo isku dheelitiran. labaduba waxay xubnahoodu ka munaakhishoodaan oo ay qabtaan dodo ku saabsan xukumada iyo siyaasadeeda, sharciyada cusub ee dawladu soo jeediso in la meelmariyo iyo mawaadiicda maalintaa taagan ee la rabo in wax laga qabto ama laga yidhaado.

Somaliland labadeedan gole waa kuwo aan xilkooda si fiicaan u gudan oo aad moodid in ay arin qudha uun ay ku soo koobaaan hawlahooda taas oo ah marka mooshin shirci golaha la horkeenayo in aad dareemeysid uun jiritaanka golaha, oo shaqooyin kale oo muhiima ay lahaayeen in aaney waxba ka qaban.

Arimaha muhiimka ah ee aaynu tabeyno in golohu aanu xilba iska saarin waxaynu u qaybin karnaa laba qaybood oo kala ah:

I) Arimaha nabadgelya ee hada taagan sida:

i) Falaagowga Ex.Con.Caare labada gole midna iska muuxilsaarin si furan in ay uga doodaan,baadhan,oo ay tilmaamaan qaabka ugu haboon ee sharci ahaan looga hawlgalayo arinta ku saabsan dhibaatada nabadgelyo,siyaasadeed iyo bulsho ee falaagada care hogaamiyaa loo soo afjari lahaa,kula xisaabtanka hayadaha dawlada ee ay quseyso arimaha nabadgelyada waxay ka qabteen,waxa uga qorsheysan qaabka loo gelayo arintan.

ii) Arinta labada Ardaa ee Ceel Afweyn : Waa ay ka gaabiyeen labada goloba iney daraasad cilmiya ku sameeyaan sabaha saldhiga u ah in mudo 3 sano ka badan xal waara laga gaadhi waayo dhibaatada dhextaala bulshada ku dhaqan aagaasi,wax xil muuqda iskama ay saarin labada gole gaar ahaan mudanayaasha laga soo doortey deegaankaasi oo ay ahayd in ay hormood ka noqdaan xal u helinta,talo ka keenaan qaabka uGu fiican ee loo soo afjari karo maadaama ay xogogaal u yihiin oo ay ka soo jeedaan degaanka.

iii) Ciidamo beeleed yada loo qoro degaanada bariga qaar ka mida oo aan wafaqsaney qabdhismeedka ciidamada qaranka taasina ay dhibaato ku tahay hawlgalka ciidanmada qaranka,nidaamka sharci ee amaanka qaranka iyo habka nidaamka sharciga hubka ee rayidka hubeysan.

Taas oo dhacda in maleeshiyo beeleysan oo qaranka mushahar iyo gunoba ka qaataa marba meel dhinac u guuraan oo dano siyaasadeed iyo dhaqaale awgeed loo adeegsado oo cadawga Somalilandna uu adeegsado marka uu doono taas oo noqon karta waxaa afka qalaad loogu yeedho double Agent.Arintaas oo ay ahayd in golayaashu ka doodan sidii loo sameyn lahaa qarameynta ciidamadaasi looga hoosgeyn lahaa ciidamada qaranka ama loo kala deri lahaa oo ciidan police oo deeganka ah loogu bedelilahaa .

La soco qaybaha dambe……….

Mahadsanidin dhamaantiin



Shaqsi kasta oo qarankiisa khiyaameeyaa guul ma gaadho, qarana baad lagama qaado. balse hogaan xumida dalka ayaa sabab u ah in dabiilayaashu geesiyaal lagu sheego, nin kasta oo ciidamada qaranka ka tirasan oo jibiyey qawaaniintii ciidamada qaranka waa in laga fogeeyaa shaqada ciidamad askariga iska tagaana qarankani uma baahna kharajkii ku bixi jireyna waxaa loogu kordhinayaa geesiyada dalkooda jecel ee hadh iyo habeenba difaacaya,ilaalinaya daacada u ah oo iyga oo aan qaadan mushar ku filin hadana naftooda u huray dalkooda iyo dalkooda.

Caarana waa in laga fogeeyaa ciidamada qaranka isaga iyo inta la midka ahba ee dalkooda iney dumiyaan duurka u galey taariikh xumada reer somaaliland u horseeday waayo waxay bilaabeen bug madow oo waxay ka soo horjeesteen hubna u soo qaateen dhulkoodii oo aaney dhibaato ka jirin,hadii doorasho nin laga helay ka cadhoodheen miyey isku diyaariyaan shanta sano ee dambe xor iyo xalaala.Qori looma baahna maanta balse hogaan dimoqraadiya ayaa loo baahan yahay.

Dalkeena in aynu dhisano wixii qaldana aynu saxno ayaa ka muhiimsan fidmo iyo dagaal in wax lagu xaliyo,balse ninka dambiilaha ah waa in sharciga la horkeenaa si loola xisaabtamo,oo wixii uu qaribay iyo waxa kumaqanba looga gudo.

Coday nabadiisa ciidamada qaranku sugayaan oo aan balo arag in uu siyaasadeedyo arimaha ciidanka ka hadlana looma baahna aduunka oo dhan arimaha ciidamdu waa arimo aad u xaasxaasi ah dadka wadaniyiinta ahina ma farageliyaan arimaha ciidamada ee saameynta ku leh nabadgelya qaranka sidaa darted waxaa loo bahan yahay in arimaha ciidamada qaranka aan la siyaasadeen,laga hadan warbaahinta oo loo dhaafo haydaha nabadgelyada qaranka.

Wixii talo ah iyo wixii wax qabadba waxaa qaranku u xilsaarey haydado dastuuri ah

Hadii Gurida aan sharciga ku dhisneyn ee ku qadhaabta magaca gobta garxajis hadii ay difaacayaan caare oo ay iyagu hore u dirteen Nuux taani waxaa difaayaya Gobta Garxajis ee dalkooda iyo dadkooda jecel ogna waxay tahay dawladnimadu iyo dadweynaha Somaliland ee mar walba garabtaagan dawladooda iyo Ciidamadooda geesiyaasha ah ee jecel wadankooda . Somaliland waa ay ka kortey in aan dad aan matalin Garxajis ku qadhaabtaan, Belse beesha garxajis waxay u taagan tahay midnimada iyo horumarinta dalkooda Somaliland mana matelikaraan kuwo magac mooyaan aan kaalin ku lahayn beelweynta garxajis.

Hadaba waxaa la gudboon dhamaan dadka iyo dawlada Somaliland in layska kaashado sidii loo difaaci lahaa qaranimada Somaliland oo qof kasta oo ka soo horjeesta midnimada,nabadgelyada iyo qaranimada Somaliland si cad dagaal loogu qaado af iyo adinba ah.Salaadiinta darjiidhana sharcigu soo dabaalo wasaarada arimaha guduhu waa in ay sharci lagu dhaqo u sameysaa salaadiinta iyo madax dhaqameed sanadkiina laba jeer loo sameeyaa tabaro lagu barayo sida loo hogaamiyo bulshada,siyaasada,dhaqaalaha,shuruucda iyo dawladnimada. Xoriyada qolka waa in la baraa dadka waayo waxaa dimoqraadiyadu salka ku haysaa in aad xoriyadu xadidan tahay oo aaney jirin qof u xor ah waxaa uu doono,balse qawaaniin baa xadida xoriyada lafteeda.


Barnaamijka Xasuus Reeb Waraysi Edna Adan


Department for International Development (DFID)

Source: Department for International Development (DFID)

UK aid to provide life-saving support for up to one million people crippled by drought in Somalia

Up to one million people in Somalia will receive lifesaving food and clean water to help stop starvation and malnutrition thanks to new UK funding

LONDON, United Kingdom, August 23, 2019/APO Group/ —

Somalia is one of the world’s poorest and most fragile states, compounded by climate shocks that severely affect the lives and livelihoods of millions; Minister for Africa, Andrew Stephenson, has announced extra food and water for Somalia to help vulnerable families in desperate need; He also met humanitarian partners to discuss how the international community can help Somalia build resilience to climate change.

Up to one million people in Somalia will receive lifesaving food and clean water to help stop starvation and malnutrition thanks to new UK funding announced today.

Minister for Africa Andrew Stephenson has announced that UK aid will provide extra food, water and medicine to help vulnerable families in Somalia that are desperately suffering from relentless drought.

There are close to 5 million Somalis who are hungry and a further 1.2 million who face the risk of becoming malnourished this year due to successive poor rains and failed harvests. A further 2.6 million people have fled their homes, due to conflict and the dire humanitarian crisis.

During a visit to the country this week, Minister Stephenson announced that as well as providing food and water, UK aid will help build longer-term resilience to climate change and drought. An extra £30 million of UK aid support will also provide vaccines for livestock – which Somali farmers rely on for their livelihoods to stop cattle dying from disease and starvation.

Somalia’s security is vital for stability in the region and is firmly in the UK’s national interest

Minister for Africa, Andrew Stephenson said:

“Somalia is being crippled by drought and millions of people are in desperate need of lifesaving food, clean water and treatment for malnutrition.”

“The UK has been at the forefront of the humanitarian response, but more needs to be done. Britain, alongside the international community, is committed to providing immediate assistance and building Somalia’s ability to manage the crisis.”

“Somalia’s security is vital for stability in the region and is firmly in the UK’s national interest.”

Minister Stephenson led a roundtable with humanitarian partners during his visit, where he discussed how the UK and international community can support Somalia to build their resilience to climate change and end their reliance on emergency aid.

Minister Stephenson met Somalia’s Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre and reiterated the UK’s commitment to supporting Somalia reform on security, politics and developing Somalia’s economy.

He also travelled to Baidoa in Southwest State where he saw first-hand how the British Military is supporting the training of the Somali National Army at a CSSF-funded training facility.

While there, he met Southwest State President Abdiasiis Laftagareen and discussed the UK’s support for stability and security in the area.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Department for International Development (DFID).


Sawirka Maanta!

Hargeisa ,Somaliland festival 18 May

18 May ma tasawdo


Jawaab ku haboon aragtida hoos ku qoran!

“Ajaanibku Waxa Uu Muhiim Noqdaa Marka Ay Soomaali Is Hayso”…Ex Wasiir Yuusuf Garaad

Ajnabi waxa uu muhiim noqdaa marka Soomaali is haysa uu midkood cudud ka dhigto quwad shisheeye, oo danteeda ilaashaneysa, asaga oo dabcan wax uga beddelanaya.

Midka kalena uu helo dal, isaga oo dantiisa ilaashanaya, diyaar u ah in uu ka daafaco dhinaca ay is hayaan.

Taas oo wiiqeysa Qarannimada Soomaaliya. Markaa iigu kaadi ajnebiga oo ragaadka nagu fogeyn kara laakiin aan na muquunin kari doonin.

Marka aad si deggan u qiimeyso sida ay Dowladdu ula dhaqantay Dowlad Goboleed kasta oo ay gacanteedu gaarto, ma jirtaa cid ay eersan karto mise iyadaa kobtatadan is dhigtay?

Waxa Qoray Yuusuf Garaad


Waxaa aan is lee yahay Mudane Yusuf Garaad waa garanayaa xaalada Somalida konfureed iyo siyaasadeed balse wuxuu diidan yahay in uu runta ka sheego xaqiiqada dhabta ah ee ka Jirta Somalidii Talyaanigu gumeysaney iyo dawlada federalka somaliya oo runtii ah Jamhuuriyada federalka ah ee Gobolka Banaadir.

Madaxweyne farmaajano loo aqoon san yahay Duqa magaalada Muqdisho.

Sidaa darteed Yusuf Garaad kol hadii dawlada federalka ahi gobolkeedii maamuleyso oo aan cidina ku haysan,oo ay magacaabeyso gudoomiyayaashii degmooyinka,taliyayaashii iyo garsoorayaashii gobolka banaadir sidee ayey isku dhigtey halkaa aad sheegeysid, ma waxaad aaminsan tahay in Duqa magaalada Muqdisho uu ka talin karo gobol kale oo aanu xukumi Karin kol hadii aanu xidhiidh wanaagsani ka dhaxay gobolkaa sida Jubaland waayo waa laba gobol loo siman.

Beesha Caalamkuna kaalinteeda ayey ka qaadaneysaa waayo marka laba dal is qabtaan dalalka saaxiibka la ah baa lakala safta oo taasi waa caadi,ee wax kale ma aha yusufow Somaliya koonfureed  waxaa halkaa dhigey waa beenta ay ku maaweelinayaan siyaasiintoodu ee waxaa muhiima in runta la wajaho federalka muqdisho dib loo habeeyo dib u hashiisiina dadkiina u sameysaan dib loo eego dawlad goboleed yada Puntland lagu soo dabaalo qaabka dawlada federalka ah oo aad moodid in ay ka madax banaan tahay. Labadii gobo lee Somaliyeed ee midowbey 1 July 1960 kii is aqoonsadaan oo horta qolo walba dhankeeda iskula xisaabtanto.

Somaliland waa dhisan tahaye dhibka ka deysaan,xoog,caqli iyo xoolona iskugu geysaan Somalidii Konfureed oo dad iyo dalba dhistaan. Ka dib marka aad hal dal ooh al talo ka godo u soo diyaar garoba wada hadalka Somaliland iyo wixii la kala yeelayo oo ku saleysan run,daacad,walaaltinimo iyo kala tedegid hadii ay dadku sidaa doortaan.


Keniya oo Midowga Afriki u Xusheen Xubinta Golaha Amaanka Kursiga aan Joogtada ahayn

Dawlada Kenya ayaa ku guuleysatey in ay golaha amaanka ee Jimcayada Quruumaha ka dhexeysa u mitisho xubinta aan joogtada ahayn AU, ka dib markey kaga guuleysatey natiijo mug leh dalka Jamhuuriyada DJabouti oo la tartamayey.

Cod bixin qarsoodi ahayd oo la qabtey Arbacadii Shaley oo taariikhdu ahay 21/08/19. Kenya ayaa ku muuleysatey 37 cod halka DJabouti uu helay 13 cod wareegii labaad halka ay goobjoog ka ahaayeen 51 xubnood, halka ay tirada guud ee AU xubnuhu ay yihiin 55 xubnood.

Wareegii kowaad Kenya ayaa heshay heshay 34 cod halka DJabouti heshay 15 cod.

halkaa oo Kenya noqoneyso dalka keligii u tartamidoona kursiga aan joogtada ahay ee Golaha Amaanka UNta sanadka 2020 -2021


Dad laga rarey Xarun ciidan oo hargeysa ku taala


Boolisku waa ku amaanan yihiin arintan!


Meet Mayor Gulaid – a man of science and medicine

August 9, 2019

Mayor of Ealing 2019-20 Councillor Abdullah Gulaid

In May, Councillor Dr Abdullah Gulaid was formally elected as the new mayor of Ealing and has been enjoying the ‘very rewarding and challenging’ role.

As mayor, Councillor Gulaid undertakes all civic ceremonial duties within the borough. This will include attendance at key Remembrance Day services and greeting any members of the royal family visiting Ealing. He was a key figure at the Armed Forces Day event in Ealing in June (you can see some photos from this event in our gallery).

He is being assisted in his duties by Councillor Munir Ahmed, who was appointed deputy mayor.

From early skills to medical research

Councillor Gulaid came to the UK in 1969, when his early science skills were recognised by the government, which granted him a scholarship to complete A-levels and a degree course.

Having completed his A-levels at Bristol Polytechnic, he followed them up with a degree in chemistry at Queen Mary College, London University before completing his Masters degree at Kings College, London University in analytical chemistry. He went on to complete a PhD in biochemical pharmacology at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School.

Unsurprisingly, Councillor Gulaid’s professional career has centred on medical advances and he has worked across the world – Europe, USA and Japan – on clinical trials. He was the co-founder of the Sickle Cell Anaemia Research Foundation and a trustee for the Black African and Caribbean Mental Health Consortium and Richard Darlington Foundation. So, no surprise that he was nominated and awarded to be a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and Chartered Chemist in 2001.

‘So many opportunities to make a positive impact’

He has been a Labour councillor for Acton Central ward since 2010 and a member of several committees including planning, health and adult social services and corporate parent and has been the Ealing mental health champion since 2017. He was also a governor at local schools Southfield Primary, West Acton Primary, Derwentwater Primary and Acton High.

Mayor of Ealing 2019-20 Councillor Abdullah Gulaid
Mayor of Ealing, Councillor Abdullah Gulaid. Photo by Alex Sturrock

Councillor Gulaid said: “Being the mayor means having a duty to do everything you can for local communities in Ealing. I am originally from Somalia and came to the UK in 1969 and even in that time I was interested in politics so it’s obviously an honour to be mayor. There are so many opportunities to make a positive impact.

“It is very rewarding and challenging to be mayor. It is an important link between the council and the community hopefully I can strengthen that wherever possible. You listen local people and hope you can work to help them wherever you can.”

Descendants – the mayoral charity

Councillor Gulaid has chosen Acton-based Descendants as his charity for the year. Since it was set up in 1993 it has worked to create an environment to help young people (primarily but not exclusively) of African and Caribbean descent to learn together, build their confidence and thrive.

With the aid of 20 volunteers, Descendants provides weekly educational and inspirational classes, holiday projects and annual achievement awards to showcase good work. It also provides advice and support sessions for parents and encourages volunteers’ participation in training schemes.

Descendants celebrated its 25th year last year – and this milestone was followed this year by the honour of receiving a 2019 Queens Award for Voluntary Service – which is the highest award given to volunteer groups across the UK to recognise exceptional service within their communities.

Find out more at

Councillor Gulaid said: “Part of my work over the year involves helping to promote the work of my chosen charity Descendants, which helps support young people in west London. I think it’s vital we ensure that young people have the care and support they need in what can be a challenging age for anyone.”

Source :Ealing extra


Adilada Tilmaameysa Ilaahey Jiritaankiisa!



Sida laga wada dheregsan yahay halgankii ay reer Somaliland madaxbannaanidoodii dib ugu la soo noqdeen dad badan, oo rag iyo dumar ba leh, baa u dhintay. Qaar baa u dhaawacmay, qaarna way u naafoobeen. Carruur baa u agoomowdey, hooyooyin baa u goblamay. Marwooyin baa wiil iyo walaalba ku waayey, hengelna u qaaday. Qaar baan Eebbe waxba kala kulmin oo aanu il saxar kaga dhicin.

Intii aan la bixin, dad badan, oo rag iyo dumarba lahaa, baa arrintaa darteed loo diley, hooyooyin baa jeelalka ku dhex ummulay, qaarna waa loo xidhxidhay oo xabsi daayin baa lagu xukumay.

Qurbajoogtu, runtii, halgankii umay yaraysan. Qaarkood  jeebadda ayey ka dagaalameen. Qaar kalana, gudo iyo debedba, guubaabada, hayaay ka kacaayda iyo xadhka xidhka ayey ku hawlanaayeen.

Arrinta haddaba yaabka lihi waa kolkii la guushi dhalatay waa la wada yeeshay. Mujaahidkii dhabta ahaa ee ay naftu ku qasabtay inuu kaadidiisa cabbaa isma sheego, dadkuna ma sheegaan. Hayeeshee, fuleygii, waxma tarahii iyo dabin ka boodkii baa cid walba guushii ka sheeganaya oo  ayagu isku tilmaama inay yihiin kuwa kaadidooda u soo cabbay guushaa iyada ah.

Intii haddaba sida dhabtaha dagaalka ugu jirtay, rag iyo dumarba, innaga oo mahad aan la koobi Karin ugu hayna, ayaa wixii ay qabteen qaarna la sheegaa, badhna la sheelaa. Sidaasi awgeed waxaan jecleystay inaan idin la wadaago qoraallo koobkooban oo taxane noqon doona oo aan wax kaga sheegi doono waxqabadkii iyo taariikh nololeedkii mujaahidiin dhawr ah oo aan u arko in waxqabadkoodii la sheelay, haddase la gaadhay xilligii ay dadweynuhu ogaan lahaayeen wixii ay qabteen ama qofkastaa wixii uu qabtay.  Waxaanan qoraalkan ku bilaabi:

Mujaahidka 1aad

Aan ku bilaabee, sida aan kor ku xusay, waxaan qoraalkan wax kaga sheegi taariikh nololeedkii mujaahid ka mid ahaa mujaahidiinta dalka u soo halgamay iyo waxqabadkiisii dhaxalgalka ahaa ee uu dadkiisa iyo dalkiisa u qabtay intii uu noolaa.

Mujaahidka aad isweydiineysaan ama sugeysaan waa Mujaahid, Maxamed Cabdillaahi Faarax ‘Fani’. Marxuunku wuxuu ka mid ahaa saraakiishii ururkii SNM ee dalka ka xoreeyey maammulkii macangagga ahaa ee Siyaad Barre.

AHUN Marxuunku muu ahayn dadka is sheegsheega ee hawl qabadkiisa magaca ku doono. Intii qof kastaa dantiisa iska watey.  Marxuunku, Alle Naxariistiisa Jano ha geeyee, G/le Sare Maxamed Cabdillaahi Faarax “Fani”, wuxuu ahaa nin qaranka Somaaliland hawlweyn u hayey, qarankana abaal weyn ku leh, balse aan weli abaalkiisa looga mahad celin, lana xusin taariikhdiisii qaranimo iyo dadaalkii wadaniyadeed ee uu ku lahaa mudadii iyo waayihii kala duwanaa ee uu ku jirey halgannadii kala duwanaa ee taariikhda Somaliland soo martey.

Madaxweynihii labaad ee JSL Marxuun Maxamed Ibraahin Cigaal baa Eng. G/le Sare Maxamed Cabdillaahi Faarax ‘Fani’ u magacaabay Agaasimaha Guud ee Wasaaradda Gaashaandhigga. Waxaanu jagadaasi hayey ilaa intii uu Xaqu ka helay oo ahayd dabayaaqadii maammulkii Madaxweyn Daahir Riyaale Kaahin.

Intii uu haddaba xilka hayey Marxuunku wuxu qabtay oo uu hirgashay hawl uu qaranka Somaliland ku tanaaday, maraggeedana qof kasta oo reer Somaliland ahi xilli kasta uu indhihiisa ku arko hayeeshee aanu dhaadin isna weydiin cidda aragtidaa iyo hawlqabadkaasi soo kordhisay.

Darajooyinka ciidammadeennu, kuwa qaran, badda, bileyska, iyo asluubtu, ku lebbistaan ee garbahooda ka lushaa waa waxqabadkii Eng. G/le Sare Maxamed Cabdillaahi Faarax ‘Fani’. Faahfaahinta taariikh nololeedkii iyo waxqabadkiisii Mujaahidka ka akhriso Warsidaha HERER ee halkan ku lifaaqan.

Run ahaantii, isaga oo keliya ma aha haldoorka la illoobey kaalintoodii balse waxaa jira kuwo badan oo la mid ah oo nool ama geeriyadoodey oo aan helin abaalkii qarankooda ay ku lahaayeen, taariikhdoodana aan la qorin dibna loo eegin. Arrimahaasi waxay ka mid yihiin dhaliilaha qaran, bulsho iyo shaqsiyadeed ee aynu leenahay ee Jira.

Arrinku siduu doonaba ha ahaadee, maanta markaad Somaliland dhexjoogto waxaa kuu muuqanaya markhaati marag ma doon ah oo ku saabsan Waxqabadkii Marxuun G/le Sare Maxamed Cabdillaahi Faarax ‘Fani.  Sidaasi awgeed, Saraakiil, Saraakiil xigeen, iyo Alufleyda Ciidammada Somaliland ee kala duwan darajooyinka garbahooda ka muuqdaa waa hal abuurkii, naqshadeyntii (design) wanaagsanayd u sameeyey Marxuunku.

Guntii iyo gunaanadkii, qoraalkan kooban ee aan u bixiyey: Muu Waarin Balse Taariikh iyo Dhaxal Ma Guuraan Buu ka Tegey, waxaan kaga hadlay oo aan rabay inaan dadweynaha ku baraarujiyo inay jiraan muwaaddiniin dadkeenna iyo dalkeennaba wax u qabtay oo innaga mudan xus iyo xasuus hayeehee aan laga hadal waxqabaadkooda iyo taariikhnololeedkooda toona. Qoraalkanna waxaan ku xusay oo tusaale u soo qaatay (AHUN) Eng. G/le Sare Maxamed Cabdillaahi Faarax ‘Fani’, ahaana Agaasimhihii Guud ee hore ee Waaaradda Gaashaandhiga sida aan hawlqabadkiisa dawladaheennu u xusin iska daa in la xushumeeyo oo loogu magacdaro, tusaale ahaan, xarumaha ciidammada dalka, dugsiyada ciidammada lagu tababaro, iwm. Waxaana ayaanadarro ah in, sida ilo lagu kalsoonyihiin noo sheegeen, dad kale lagu naasnuujiyo oo qandaraas lagu siiyey soo iibinta darajooyinkii uu Marxuunku ku hadh iyo habeen u soo jeedi jirey.

Hadal waa gune, waxaan runtii soo dhoweynayaa cid alla ciddii haysa cid nool ama xaquba helay oo ummadda wax u qabatay oo jecel inay hawlqabadkooda annaga iyo daweynahaba la wadaagaan. 

Tariikh noleedka AUN G/le Maxamed Cabdillaahi Farah “Fani” kaga bogo:

Mahadsanidin dhamaantiin


Just How Bad Is Vaping For Your Health?

Cory Stieg

© Getty The year is 2019, and it’s suddenly cool to carry around a device that looks like a USB flash drive and heats up a cocktail of nicotine and chemicals for you to inhale. Celebs vape, vape trick videos abound on TikTok, and you can order decorative skins to help customize your own personal JUUL.

As vaping culture grows, experts worry that people aren’t taking the health effects of e-cigarette use seriously. “There’s a great deal of misinformation about the whole vaping phenomenon,” says Enid Neptune, MD, associate professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and co-chair of the ATS Tobacco Action Committee. One of the main issues being that many people compare vaping to smoking conventional cigarettes, when really they are two separate practices that have uniquely different consequences, she adds. So, here Dr. Neptune answers a few questions you might have about how vaping affects your health:

© GettyWhat is vaping?

“Vaping” is the slang phrase that’s used to describe using an electronic cigarette or a battery-powered heated device to inhale an aerosolized solution, Dr. Neptune says. This liquid solution typically contains nicotine, flavoring, chemical additives, and propylene glycol. “So, when person says that vaping is like inhaling water vapor, that’s distinctly untrue,” she says.

© GettyHow does vaping affect your health?

E-cigarettes are considered newish devices, so researchers still don’t know the full scope of what the long-term health effects of vaping will be. That said, they’re definitely not harmless, and research has shown that the chemicals in e-cigarette fluid can be incredibly damaging to your health beyond just the nicotine, Dr. Neptune says.

Does vaping affect your lungs?

Studies suggest that there’s a much higher incidence of cough and worsening of asthma symptoms in people who vape versus people who don’t, Dr. Neptune says. Chemicals in vaping fluid also can cause acute lung injuries and contribute to lung and cardiovascular disease down the line, according to the American Lung Association.

© GettyCan you get cancer from vaping?

Again, it’s too soon to say, but many of the common vaping solutions contain measurable levels of well-known carcinogens, such as formaldehyde and acrolein, Dr. Neptune says. “Given that, there is at least a theoretical risk of developing malignancy with chronic and frequent exposure,” she says. What’s of “terrific concern” among researchers, though, is the fact that young people who start off vaping have a much greater chance of transitioning to conventional cigarettes, which we know cause cancer, she adds.

© GettyIs vaping worse than smoking?

Right off the bat, smoking is far more toxic than vaping, Dr. Neptune says. “Smoking generates thousands of chemicals that can have adverse effects on the lung and the body,” she says. But the answer to this question is far more nuanced than that, because we know more about smoking conventional cigarettes, Dr. Neptune says. “We know that it’s more toxic, but that’s not really the issue,” she says. What is an issue? “Vaping has developed a far more appealing habit and practice among children and young adults, so it represents its own public health menace,” she adds.

If you are struggling with substance abuse, please call theSAMHSA National Helplineat 1-800-662-4357 for free and confidential information.

Source : Microsoft news




Typical picnic basket contains ‘dangerous’ levels of salt, health campaigners warn

The Independent

Sarah Young

a plate of food on a table

© Provided by Independent Digital News & Media Limited A typical picnic basket of savoury snacks contains harmful amounts of salt and saturated fat, health campaigners state.

Action on Salt (AOS) – a group of specialists that campaign to raise awareness of the effects of salt on health – is warning that one in four picnic foods are “dangerously high” in salt and almost one in three have no colour-coded front-of-pack labelling, making it difficult for consumers to make healthy choices.

© Getty As a result, AOS is calling for immediate, compulsory nutritional labelling on all savoury snacks.

The warning follows the findings of a survey conducted by researchers at Queen Mary University of London, which analysed 555 savoury picnic finger foods available from retailers.

Among the worst offenders in the foods analysed by the group were Aldi’s specially selected hand-stuffed Halkidiki Olives, with 5g of salt per 100g – double the salt concentration of seawater – and Ginsters Cornish pasties, with 2.99g a portion, which is the equivalent to seven portions of salted peanuts.

Gallery: 7 Clear Signs You’re Eating Too Much Salt (Best Health)

a man standing in front of a window: Who knew that salt could even impact your brain function? According to a 2011 Canadian study on 1,200 more sedentary adults, those with high-sodium diets had a higher chance of cognitive decline than those with less salt in their diets. As you age it is important to keep track of how much salt you consume, and make changes if necessary.

Similarly, Aldi’s Eat & Go Sausages & Ketchup were found to contain 2.2g per portion, as much salt as four and a half bags of ready salted crisps, while Fry’s Spicy Three Bean Pasty contained 1.8g per portion, the same amount as a McDonald’s hamburger and fries.

The study also showed that the saltiest sausage roll was Fry’s Sausage Roll, a vegan brand with 1.8g salt per 100g.

Scotch eggs, which has an average salt content of 0.76g per 100g, and quiche, which has an average salt content of 0.54g per 100g, were the lowest salt categories.

© Getty The researchers warned that almost half of the products surveyed were also “worryingly high” in saturated fat.

Morrisons Cheese & Onion Slices (330g) were found to contain 17.7g of saturated fat per portion, almost meeting a woman’s recommended daily limit of 20g.

Similarly, Asda’s Extra Special Maple Cured Smoked Bacon Quiche Lorraine with Butter Enriched Shortcrust Pastry (410g) contained 11g of saturated fat per 100g or 14g per portion, which is almost as much as in five McDonald’s hamburgers.

Graham MacGregor, professor of cardiovascular medicine at Queen Mary University of London and chairman of AOS, said that the Department of Health and Social Care and Public Health England are responsible for Britons continuing to eat more salt than recommended.

“Reducing salt is one of the most cost-effective measures to protect health,” MacGregor said.

© Getty “The time has come for the Secretary of State for Health to resuscitate the UK’s salt reduction programme, helping us to, once again, be world leading rather than trailing behind the rest of the world. The public’s health has suffered long enough.”

According to the NHS, adults should eat no more than 6g of salt a day – the equivalent to one teaspoon.

It adds that eating too much salt can cause high blood pressure which, if left untreatd, can increase a person’s risk of developing a number of serious long-term health conditions, such as coronary heart disease and kidney disease.

AOS states that a reduction in salt intake could reduce blood pressure and prevent approximately 2.6m. stroke and heart attack deaths each year worldwide.

Gallery: 26 So-Called ‘Healthy’ Foods You Should Avoid (The Daily Meal)

“Eating yogurt is an awesome way to add good bacteria to your gut,” Schiff says. But she notes too many yogurts have sugar as a top ingredient, and suggests shoppers buy plain yogurt instead, adding in such mix-ins as fruit, nuts, low-sugar granola or chia seeds. She also recommends Greek yogurt, a higher-protein kind of yogurt. Non-dairy diners can try almond and soy yogurt.

A group of Muslims cycled from England to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj It took them 6,500 km to reach Medina.

Mariam Nabbout

By Mariam Nabbout

The arrival of a group of British Muslims to perform Hajj (Islamic pilgrimage) in Saudi Arabia’s Medina turned heads this week … because they cycled all the way from England to Saudi Arabia. 

The men went on a “Tour de Hajj” – a play on the annual bicycle race “Tour de France” – to convey a better picture of Islam “as a religion of peace and tolerance among the countries they passed through.” The cyclers also hoped to use their journey to raise money for charity. 

Upon their arrival in the kingdom after 6,500 km, Saudi authorities gave them a warm welcome as they were greeted by the chairman of the Society of Culture and Arts in Medina, Mishaal Al-Touhami.

The “Tour de Hajj” group were also well-received by locals and cycling enthusiasts who threw them a traditional welcome. Of course, as Arab hospitality could never be complete without something to eat and drink, the pilgrims were served Arabian coffee, dates, and Zamzam water.

Embedded video

In an interview with Al Arabiya, the group’s captain, Taher Hasan Akhtar – a seasoned cyclist who has previously led trips to Mecca for Hajj – shared details of the epic journey. 

“The trip was amazing, we came through 17 countries. It’s spiritual, beautiful journey,” he said

The British pilgrims were impressed by the warm welcome and lauded the facilities that made it easier for them to arrive for Hajj this year. 

According to Saudi Gazette, the men began their journey by visiting Medina to pay homage to Prophet Muhammad, then proceeded to Mecca to visit its holy sites and complete their pilgrimage rites.


Xusuus aan Dugoobin, Bal Inay Dalfooftahay Caqliga Dooni Laga Saarey…….!

Aniga uun baa damqanayee dhegahu uma daloolaane, waxaynu ku mashquulanayaa sawiro run iyo been kay yihiin aan la garaney, oo dacaayad uun iska ah balse dadkiina waxaa dhiigoodii ku daadanayaan Ceel Afweyn oo cid ka naxaysaa aaney jirin kala maan , ileyn doqoni fiiro gaabi bay dad kaga hadhay kor aynu wax u eegno inta taswiir ku mushquuleyno!!!!!


Weerarkii Ceel Afweyn ee 12/08/19



Fanaanka Cawaale Aadan iyo Hargeysa



Reer Ceel Afweyn mala waxay doonayaan in reer Somaliland Habaarto oo Alle(swt) laga ashkateeyo kol hadii loo maaro waayey, oo dhaartii Alle lagu dhaariyey,taladii,dhexdhaxaadiintii walaalnimadii wada dhalshadii wada noolaashihii ducaadii intaba qaadan waayeen,waxaa hadhay waa in aanu nidhaahno Allow u taagweyne kuwa gardaran adigu u tali adiga ayaa oge,cida nabada diidan iyo cida hoos ka hurinaya ee is qarinaysa Adiga ayaaney waxba kaa qarsooneyne naga qabo,oo Junuudaada u der ha edbiyaane.

Mar labaad waxaa u arkaa in wali wakhti ay haystaan dadka colaadan sii holcinaya ee daaha dabadiisa ka wada ay Alle uga toobadkeenan oo xumo iyo fililada sheedaanimada ka baxaan,wanaagna ku bedelaan,xumaanta jidka toosana qaadaan inta ay wakhtiga haystaan.

Wax garadka reer ceel Afweyn waxaa la gudboon intooda caqliga ilihi iney dadka aan wax garadka ahayd ee jid ay u socdaan iyo mid ayka socdaan ee shaydanka insaga ah iyo ka jinka ahiba ku adeegsanayaan iney caqli u noqdaan oo hubka ka dhigaan,walaaleeyaan dhaqan Celina u sameeyaan.

Xisbiya Qaranka ee Somaliland waa ay ku guul dareysteen iney kaalintii kaga adaneyd ka qaataan colaada ceel afweyn gaar ahaan xisbiga wadani oo ay ahayd gudoomiye Cabdiraxmaan ciro in uu tago ceel afeweyn oo kala dhexdhigo labada beelood ee reer togkii ah calanka cad ee nabada taas oo uu ku helilahaa sumcad weyn oo uu taranka dambe shacabku ugu codeyn lahaayeen hadii uu talabadaasi qaadi lahaa,sidoo kale Fasal isaguna waa ku guuldareystey kaalintiisii odeynimo. Sidaa waxaa u lee yahay labada xisbi ee UCID iyo Wadani waa xisbiyo Mucaarid ah oo kaalin dhexdhexaadnimo uga furan tahay kaalinta nabadeenta halka xisbiga Kulmiye loo foodsaarayo dawlada waayo waa xisbiga talada haya oo ay tahay in uu kaalintiisa isaguna qaato,balse xisbiyada mucaaridka labada beelood ee dagaalamayaa kama dhadhaminayaan dawlada oo fursad weyn ayey ka qaadan karaan nabadeeda labadan beelood,wixii talooyina iyo gacan ahna waxay weydiisan karaan dawlada iyo bulshada Somaliland. Balse malaha wax kalaa u muuqda.

Waa in Alle ka baqanaa oo aan dadkeena ku mideynaa diinteena iyo wadankeena Jacaylkiisa.





Saudi Arabia to Issue Visas to Somaliland Passport Holders

Qoraalkan gaaban Waxaa lagu qorey MENAFN (Middle east North Africa Financial network). Hadaba waa ayo MENAFN?

MENAFN is the leading provider of online and wirles financial content and finacial technology platforms to leading Insitutions and consumers around the Arab World. waa laga qurux badan yahay in aynu dalkeena iyo dawladeeda u sameyno dacaayado been u dhow oo aan waxba tareynin halkii aynu difaaci lahayn dalkeena una horseedi lahayn horumar iyo wanaag,waa in aynu kala baranaa shaqsi nacaybka iyo qaranimada, shaqsi kastaa waa uu iska tegi balse wadaniniadu waa mid ku dhidban nolosha qaranimadeena waana taaynu rabno in aynu ubadkeena ku beero wadankooda inay jeclaadan, Somaliland waa qaran u baahan in dadkiisu horumariyaan,oo wadanka dhigtaan jira balse ma garan karo sida aynu u noqon karo wadaniyiin inaga oo maalin walba caayeyna wadankeena siyaasadiisa,xisbi iyo shaqsi waxaa ka weyn wadaniyada iyo adiga oo ku faana wadankaga dadka wanaagsan ee daacada ahna fursad u siiya iney hogaamiyaan dalkooda halkii aad qabiil iyo wax matare ku qiimayn lahay hogaanka siyaasada iwm.Bal ila eeg labadan war bixinood teebaa runta u dhow jawaabtu adiga ayaa lagaa sugayaa akhristow.

(MENAFN – SomTribune) Saudi Arabia will soon start issuing visas on Somaliland passports.

This is a departure from the Kingdom’s previously long held position of issuing visas on Somali passports holders and not Somaliland passports.

The issuance of the visas to Somalilanders starts with those who will be heading for pilgrimage in Mecca this month.

Already, the president of Somaliland Muse Bihi is in Saudi Arabia on an official invitation from King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz. The two leaders are expected to hold talks on how the two countries can cement their trade relations.

Saudi Arabia will also recognize Somaliland diplomatic passports.

There are reports that the Saudi King sent the Somaliland delegation a private, royal jet to collect them from Hargeisa’s Egal International Airport direct to the Kingdom.

This is the first time a Somaliland president is receiving official invitation from Saudi leadership.

This comes just two months after the Somaliland president met Saudi envoy Amb Mohamed Khayat in Hargeisa where the two discussed how Saudi Arabia would assist Somaliland in the areas of the economy, investment, lifting the ban on Somaliland livestock export to KSA and ways to enhance the bilateral ties between two countries.

President Bihi has been courting Saudi for some time and expressing his country’s close ties with the kingdom.

‘Firstly we are neighbors of Saudi Arabia. Second, our exports go to Saudi Arabia, third in Saudi Arabia there are two holy mosques that we have to visit, so consider all these reasons for us to be aligned with Saudi Arabia,’Bihi said in a previous interview.

Somaliland exports livestock to the Middle East, notably Saudi Arabia with the highest exports going during the Hajj period.

By Odindo Ayieko






U.S. Africa Policy Cannot Afford to Ignore Somaliland

Here’s the problem: Somaliland’s ability to stand up to radicals and Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists may not be Michael Rubin

HARGEISSA, SOMALILAND—“Great nations do not fight endless wars,” President Donald Trump declared in his State of the Union address, even as he redoubled his commitment to “focus on counterterrorism.” While many commentators describe Afghanistan—the war against which Trump railed—as America’s longest war, the battle against terrorists and warlords in Somalia has now run even longer.

Alas, even as Trump talks about scaling back the U.S. military footprint abroad, his willingness to follow the State Department’s lead in Somalia threatens to embolden radicalism and revive piracy in the Horn of Africa. At issue is Somalia, where the State Department’s embrace of false unities and antipathy toward change has led it to double down on its support for Somalia’s symbolic government in Mogadishu.

At first glance, Trump’s cynicism looks warranted. After years of civil war, Somalia has a provisional constitution and a government. Elders have appointed a parliament, which in turn has elected a president. But the federal government’s control is largely illusionary. Most diplomats and non-governmental organizations are sequestered inside the international airport, which makes Baghdad’s old Green Zone look permissive. The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), encompassing troops from five African countries and police from an additional three, provides basic security. The president holds little sway outside his palace and a few square blocks around his palace, while Al-Shabaab, a terrorist group affiliated with Al Qaeda, continues to strike in the city and across the country

Fictions are expensive. The United Nations and aid organizations are seeking upwards of $1 billion in aid this year just to provide immediate relief, and that figure is even greater when the price tag for AMISOM is factored in. Much of the aid, however, never reaches Somalis; Transparency International now ranks Somalia as the world’s most corrupt country. Rather than help Somalis, donations to Mogadishu often fuel factional fighting and drive Somalis into the arms of radicals and yet, despite his promise to turn Washington’s old ways on their head, the Trump administration policy in effect remains to throw good money after bad. In effect, Somalia has joined Pakistan and Egypt in an extortion racket whereby it demands endless aid to fight radicalism, but never defeats it for fear of losing an annual windfall which elites siphon for personal interests.

Not all of Somalia, however, embraces this cycle. As Somalia descended into civil war in 1991, Somaliland, ground zero for Somali dictator Siad Barre’s reign of terror, declared itself independent. Its claim was solid: during the colonial era, it was a British protectorate, distinct from the rest of Somalia, with internationally-recognized borders. All five UN Security Council members recognized its 1960 independence. To Somalilanders, its subsequent union with Somalia was voluntary, as was its exit against the backdrop of Somalia’s descent into chaos. Residents of the region also point out that the State Department’s traditional antipathy toward border changes rings hollow given Washington’s, the African Union’s and the broader international community’s recognition of South Sudan and Eritrea. True, neither of these countries is a success, but Somaliland already promises to be. Today, Somaliland includes twenty-eight percent of Somalia’s area and one-third of its population. Unlike Somalia proper, Somaliland has denied Al-Shabaab access to its territory. Hargeisa, its capital, is among the safest cities in Africa. Somaliland has contested elections, secured via biometric iris scans, and has had five peaceful transfers of power amongst rival parties. While Somaliland has its own currency, its economy is increasingly cashless: organic innovation and permeation of cell phones has allowed even its rural citizens simply to trade digital money by cell phone. Americans might still think “Black Hawk Down” when they think of Somalia, but Somaliland has become more like Sweden and Estonia in its e-practices.

In effect, Somaliland does everything right. So why does the United States ignore it? In the era of budget cutbacks, the State Department refuses to even put an office in Hargeisa akin to what it has in Iraqi Kurdistan or Taiwan. The Pentagon, for its part, has no regular liaison with their Somalilander counterparts, even though both counterterrorism missions and the war in Yemen enhance Somaliland’s strategic importance.

Here’s the problem: Somaliland’s ability to stand up to radicals and Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists may not be endless. Somaliland spends one-third its budget on security, but Somalia refuses to provide it with any international funds channeled through Mogadishu. The situation is now so dire that Somaliland’s army and coast guard recruits must purchase their own guns in order to conduct the patrols which stabilize its 460-mile coastline, prevent weapons smuggling from Yemen, and deny Al-Shabaab access to its vast rural areas. While the UN has eased its arms embargo on Somalia in order to allow AMISOM to operate and to supply Somali government forces (who more often than not sell their weapons to the radicals for some quick cash), it continues to enforce an arms embargo on Somaliland that is an artifact of the situation in Somalia three decades ago.

Trump and National Security Advisor John Bolton are right to question foreign aid. Sponsoring parades in Bulgaria or art workshops in Central America have limited utility. But, every million dollars invested in Somaliland’s security could offset defense needs with a price tag several orders of magnitude higher. Somaliland seeks not tanks and modern fighter jets, but simply small arms and more patrol boats. The region’s willingness to invest more than fifteen-times proportionately what America’s NATO allies do in defense shows it is serious and not simply seeking subsidy for what it could otherwise achieve on its own. Somalia’s government might complain, but Washington need not kneel to Mogadishu. If Trump truly wants to end endless wars and American engagements abroad, perhaps it is time to embrace rather than ignore allies, bolster democracies and recognize that even at the height of its greatness, America has never truly gone it alone.

Michael Rubin is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.




USAID/DJIBOUTI Workforce Development Project: Graduation Ceremonies for 475 Trained Djiboutian Youth

DJIBOUTI CITY, Djibouti, August 8, 2019/APO Group/ — July 24th was an important day for 155 youth in Gabode who successfully completed 18 days of Work Ready Now! training under the USAID Workforce Development Program (WFD), implemented by Education Development Center (EDC) in collaboration with the National Agency for Employment, Training and Job Placement (ANEFIP).  A total of 475 youth completed WRN training across all of Djibouti’s regions in July.  A total of 1,624 youth have completed the training to date.  ANEFIP Director General, USAID representatives and EDC’s Chief of Party were pleased to present the graduates with their training certificates.

During the closing ceremony, the Director General of ANEFIP, Mr. Mahamoud Omar Guelleh, encouraged jobseekers to seize any opportunity to gain work experience, no matter how small.  He also advised them to register in ANEFIP offices.  The WFD Head of Project, Mrs. Laura Dillon-Binkley, encouraged them to continue moving forward and to take initiative on their own to search for a job.  A representative of USAID, Mr. Moussa Abdillahi, congratulated them for having completed the training and wished them good luck.

A total of 1,624 youth have completed the training to date

Through Work Ready Now! Training, participants gain self-confidence and preparation for the world of work.  One participant at the Gabode training center said that, “to go into the field, one needs to be armed.  This training is my weapon.”  A participant from Tadjourah shared that, “before the training, I blamed everyone else for my situation.  Now I am convinced that I am the master of my own future.”

Work Ready Now! is a competency-based training program consisting of 7 modules delivered over 76 hours.  The first four modules focus on foundational skills that allow participants to better know and manage themselves, as well as to improve their skills in critical analysis, leadership, team work, communication, taking initiative, and resolving problems.  The three remaining modules help youth understand risks in the workplace, the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers, as well as how to plan and manage their personal finances.

In 2018, 72 participants out of 359 interviewed stated that they had found a job within the months following the training.  In collaboration with ANEFIP, as well as the Chamber of Commerce of Djibouti and the National Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, WFD will ensure there is a better link between job opportunities and qualified jobseekers to better facilitate durable job opportunities for youth.  To participate, unemployed youth can register at the nearest ANEFIP office.

The United States Mission to Djibouti, which includes USAID/Djibouti, also promotes youth employment through English language training and vocational skills training for both refugee and Djiboutian youth.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of U.S. Embassy in Djibouti.


Crowdfund London: coming to a street near you?

Imagine a space where you can grow food, watch films, eat well, learn carpentry, experience camping and make new friends. Just for starters. A place that inspires and welcomes. An urban oasis. And all down the road from where you live.

Step forward Tottenham Café Connect. Formerly an unloved bowling club, now a community hub serving a diverse community and – crucially – a safe space for young people to hang out, learn new skills and not get bored – thanks to £37,000 funding from Crowdfund London.

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, recently visited the café in Haringey to launch his £1 million Crowdfund London 2019 Programme. He described the café as an inspirational example of how crowdfunding works in relation to civic projects and called on the capital’s businesses, foundations and philanthropists to rally behind the programme.

“We want to harness that entrepreneurial spirit and apply it to the challenges and opportunities faced by communities across the capital. So I urge anyone with a creative project to consider applying to this year’s crowdfunding programme.”

Get involved

For the uninitiated, Crowdfund London uses crowdfunding technology to raise funding for community-led projects across the city. Civic crowdfunding platform Spacehive is helping deliver the programme and entrants have until May 1 to apply for up to £50,000 in funding.

You don’t have to have done anything like this before to get involved.

If you have an idea – or the seed of an idea – about how to make your neighbourhood better, you’ll be pushing at an open door. The whole point of Crowdfund London is to trigger the creativity, harness the experience and build the confidence of local people.

It’s called people-powered regeneration and it’s supported by London Economic Action Partnership (LEAP).

In the words of Alexandra Depledge MBE, LEAP member: “Real magic happens when communities come together. Local people know best what’s best for their communities and Crowdfund London is all about getting these voices heard.”

Successful projects so far have included a self-build community space in Lewisham, a library of things in Crystal Palace, a light installation celebrating local culture in Southall and a market run by and for teenagers in Barnet.


Mayor of London has done a good job so far


Bulshada Caalamka iyo xidhiidhka Somaliland!

a)Taariikh kooban

Si aynu u fahano Somaliland waa in aynu dib u jalecnaa taariikh ahaan Somaliland marxaladihii Somaliland ee wakhtigii gumeysiga ka hore ,xiligii gumeysigii reer yurub,xoriyadii Somaliland (dawladnimadii 5ta cisho) wakhtigii midowga Somaliland iyo Somaliya,wakhtigii Xasuuqa iyo kala tagii Somaliland iyo Somaliya.arimahaasi waxay ina barayaan taariikhda saxa ah ee Somaliland iyo Somaliya waxay wadaagaan iyo kala duwanaanshahooda. Sidaa darteed waxaa aynu u kala horeysineynaa sidan:

  1. Somaliland iyo  xidhiidhkii bulshada calaamka ee hore

Qarnigii 7aad ayaa waxaa Somaliland ta maanta uu soo gaadhadhey iftiinkii Islamku  taas oo ilaa maanta la hayo raadadkii markhaatigigii  oo uu ka mid yahay masjidka qadii miga ah ee  ku yaal magaalo xeebeedka  Saylac loona yaqaano masjidka Qibla teyn, kaas oo tilmaamaya markhaatina ka ah in Somaliland dhulkeedu ahaa mid diinta islamku soo gaadhey bilowgii islamnimada ,taasi waxay makhaati ka tahay in Somalilandta maantu ay xidhiidh qoto dheer la lahayd bulshooyinkii caalamka ee qarniyadii hore lana yaqaaney ka hor Somalida  kale deeganadeeda.

  1. Qarnigii 14 aad Suldaankii Islamiga ahaa ee dhulka Somaliland ee Maanta ayaa la hoos keenay Boqortooyadii Maseexiga ahayd ee Itoobiya.
  2. 1527 Ayaa Suldaankii Awdal wuxuu la wareegey xukunkii ku hoos jirey boqortooyadii Ethiopia ya  ka dib markuu ka cadhoodey xukumida ay xukumayaan dalkiisa ka hor intaanu gacansiin Portuguese  Sanadkii 1543.
  3. Sanadkii 1888 ayuu Gumeysigii Britian sameyey  the protectorate of British Somaliland isaga oo heshiis toosa la galey Suldaanadii muxaliga ahaa ee wakhtigaasi.
  4. 26 June 1960 kii ayey Somaliland ka qaadatey xornimadeedii Gumeystihii Britain iyada oo aqoonsadeen in ka badan 30 dawladood oo xor ahi.
  5. 1 July 1960 ayaa waxaa xornimadii ka qaatey Talyaaniga oo gumeysan jirey Somalidii korfureed
  6. Wakhti yar ka dibna waxaa si aan khasab ahayn ku midoobey 2dii dal ee Somaliyaeed (Somaliland iyo Somaliya) ee wakhtigaa xornimadooda heystey.

La soco qaybaha dambe ……..


Somaliland: Visit of United Nations Special Envoy to Discuss Governance and Cooperation

Jul 29, 2019

Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abid has received United Nations Special Envoy James Swan to discuss Somaliland’s democratic progress, UN-funded programs, as well as good governance and security in the Horn of Africa. The visit comes as Somaliland has stepped up its efforts in recent months to establish bilateral ties with other countries in West Africa and the Middle East. 

Below is an article published by Somaliland Sun:

The President of the Somaliland Republic, Muse Bihi Abdi, received the United Nations Special Envoy, Ambassador James Swan in Hargeisa today [28 July 2019].

The President met with the new envoy, who recently took up his post in the region.

The delegation from the United Nations led by Ambassador Swan is in Somaliland to discuss areas of mutual interest, including democratic progress, UN funded programs, good governance and the general security in the Horn of Africa.

The new UN envoy, James Swan, is no stranger to Somaliland, having visited the country on numerous occasions whilst serving as the United Sates ambassador during the administration of former president, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud “Siilaanyo”.

The UN delegation is expected to meet with senior government officials, members of the Houses of Elders and Representatives, as well as non-governmental, civil and business leaders.

The visit comes at the time when the Somaliland political parties reached a consensus, with the support of the EU ambassador, Nicolas Berlanga Martinez, on the issues pertaining to the forthcoming parliamentary and local elections.

Photo courtesy of Somaliland Sun

source: UNPO


Boris Johnson arrives by helicopter as work continues to save Whaley Bridge dam

Simon Coyle

a group of people looking at each other: WHALEY BRIDGE, ENGLAND - AUGUST 02: Prime Minister Boris Johnson meets with police and rescue crews at Chapel-en-Le-frith High School as work continues at Toddbrook reservoir following a severe structural failure after heavy rain, on August 02, 2019 in Whaley Bridge, England. The town's 6,500 people were forced to leave their homes after yesterday's partial collapse of the dam at Toddbrook Reservoir, in Derbyshire. Engineers have been pumping water from the reservoir overnight to reduce the water level. (Photo by Leon Neal - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

© Getty Images WHALEY BRIDGE, ENGLAND – AUGUST 02: Prime Minister Boris Johnson meets with police and rescue crews at Chapel-en-Le-frith High School as work continues at Toddbrook reservoir following a severe structural failure after heavy rain, on August 02, 2019 in Whaley Bridge, England. The town’s 6,500 people were forced to leave their homes after yesterday’s partial collapse of the dam at Toddbrook Reservoir, in Derbyshire. Engineers have been pumping water from the reservoir overnight to reduce the water level. (Photo by Leon Neal – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has arrived in Derbyshire to meet residents evacuated from Whaley Bridge as work continues to save the town’s damaged dam.

Water levels at the Toddbrook Reservoir have been reduced by half a metre but engineers remain “very concerned” about the integrity of the damaged 180-year-old structure, which contains around 1.3 million tonnes of water. 

Hundreds of people have been evacuated from Whaley Bridge over fears it could rupture and flood their homes. 

On Friday night Mr Johnson arrived in the area by helicopter to talk to residents, emergency service workers and assess the scene.

He met a number of families affected by the evacuation, telling them he had flown over the dam twice and it was “dodgy but stable”.

a group of people in a small boat in a body of water: A Chinook helicopter drops aggregate onto the damaged dam of Toddbrook Reservoir

© PA A Chinook helicopter drops aggregate onto the damaged dam of Toddbrook Reservoir

The Prime Minister said at the Chapel-en-le-Frith High School: “I flew over the dam and it looks pretty scary. I can see the problem.”

He assured residents “you will all be properly housed” if the dam burst.

Mr Johnson told a group of police officers: “Lets hope it doesn’t happen.”

He spent about half an hour talking to different groups of residents in the school gym and also police officers who helped with the evacuation.

Matthew and Lynn Lingard told him they had left pets – two cockateils and two rabbits – at their home.

The Prime Minister said: “That must be very worrying . Are you going to be able to go back and get them?”

Mr Lingard said they had been told probably not in the next 48 hours.

One resident told Mr Johnson: “We’re all like zombies.”

a group of people standing in a room: Prime Minister Boris Johnson meets with rescue crews and local residents

© Getty Images Prime Minister Boris Johnson meets with rescue crews and local residents

Stopping for selfies in the hall, he asked where everyone slept last night and when it became obvious they would have to leave.

He also looked shocked to be told some people had refused to leave. Flanked by senior police officers, he said: “We’ve got to sort that out.”

Mr Johnson told another group of residents: “The plan is to try and stop the dam breaking, clearly. And so a huge amount of effort is going into that.

“The Chinook’s been over putting in the aggregate and putting in the sandbags to try and stop it bursting. They’re pumping out huge amounts of water.”

Mr Johnson said he thought they had to get the level of the water down about eight metres, although there was some discussion with the surrounding officials about whether this was the exact figure.

He said: “They’ve got a long way to go. Whatever we do, we’ll make sure we rebuild it.”

Earlier in the day the Prime Minister tweeted: “My thoughts are with those who have had to leave their homes and all of those who are affected in #WhaleyBridge. First responders, engineers and RAF crews are working around the clock to fix the dam.”

a group of people in uniform standing in front of a crowd: Prime Minister Boris Johnson meeting police during a visit to Whaley Bridge Football Club

© PA Prime Minister Boris Johnson meeting police during a visit to Whaley Bridge Football Club

He added: “I have just spoken to GOLD Commander and Deputy Chief Constable Rachel Swann to thank them for their ongoing efforts and I have instructed the Environment Secretary to chair a COBR meeting later today to coordinate the Government’s response.”

An RAF Chinook and around 150 firefighters using high-volume pumps appear to have partly stabilised the “unprecedented, fast-moving emergency situation” caused by heavy rain.

During a multi-agency press conference on Friday night, Assistant Chief Constable Kem Mehmet of Derbyshire Police said there was still “a substantial threat to life” if the dam wall fails. 

“We would ask residents to continue to heed police advice and stay away from Whaley Bridge,” he told the press conference on Friday. 

Due to concerns raised by residents over pets being left behind, he said officers had made the “difficult” decision to allow people to return to their homes temporarily. 

“We will be putting plans in place for residents to return to their home to pick up very vital things they need along with their animal welfare,” he told reporters. 

“This is very controlled, I must stress that, because this is still life at risk.” 

Numbers returning will be restricted to one person per household, he said, and it was “difficult” to say when people would be allowed to return permanently. 

Julie Sharman, chief operating officer for the Canal and River Trust, told the press conference the water level needs to be reduced by “several more” metres, with more pumps being installed on Friday evening.

“This is still a very critical situation,” she said.

“Until we are confident we can control that risk, then our position has to be to protect the public safety and limit access because we don’t want to put people at risk.” 

In pictures: Striking images from around the world this week [The Atlantic]

The Chinook has been dropping one-ton sandbags on to the damaged area to bolster the structure. 

Improving weather and work on the inflows means the amount of water entering the reservoir has also reduced. 

Police have closed railway lines in the Whaley Bridge area over the risk of potential flooding.

The Prime Minister said “first responders, engineers and RAF crews are working around the clock to fix the dam” and he has ordered Environment Secretary Theresa Villiers to chair a meeting of the Cobra emergency committee to discuss the situation. 

Around 1,000 people were evacuated from the town but most found their own accommodation with family and friends, according to Derbyshire County Council. 

Carolyn Whittle, who lives in Meadowfield on the hillside in Whaley Bridge, said: “I’ve lived in Whaley for the best part of 45 years and I’ve never seen water flood over the dam like that, ever, nor thought that we could possibly be at risk in this way.” 

The Environment Agency issued a “danger to life” warning covering the River Goyt on Thursday, as the river could “rise rapidly” due to water rushing in from the reservoir.

a wooden bench on the side of the road: The damaged dam on Wednesday night

© Provided by Reach Publishing Services Limited The damaged dam on Wednesday night

Meanwhile, clean-up operations are under way across parts of the North West hit by heavy rain, including Poynton in Cheshire – where residents were evacuated on Wednesday night. 

The Environment Agency has 10 flood alerts, six flood warnings and one severe flood warning in place across England. 

Richard Parry, chief executive of the Canal and River Trust, said an annual inspection of the Toddbrook Reservoir by a senior engineer took place last November. 

The reservoir is on the north-west edge of the Peak District National Park and was built in 1831, according to experts, although the Environment Agency records it as being built in 1840-41. 

According to a 2011 Environment Agency report on national dam incidents, Toddbrook “has a history of leakage”.

Source :msn,news


Asxaabtii aan kala baadney!

Ugu horeyntii waxaa aan Jehelahay in aan idinka mahad naqo samarkiina mudadii 4 todobaad ahayn ee aan yara ha kinay qoraaladii,faalooyinkii kala duwanaa ee hogaanka media group, balse waxaa na farxadgelisey akhristayaashii aanu ka helnay emailada ee noo sheegay in xitaa hadii aanuna warbixino cusub soo qorin in ay ku filan tahay macluumaadka ku dugan

Aad baa u mahasantihiin balse waxaa aanu idinku bushareyneyna in aanu idin hayno maqaalo aad u xiiso badan oo ku saabsan Socdaalkayagii Jamhuuriyada Somaliland iyo Wax aanu ku soo aragney dhinacyada,dhaqaalaha,bulshada, nabadgelya,cadaalada,gaar ahaan magaalada madaxda Somaliland ee Hargeysa iyo deeganada hoos yimaada filasho wacan maalmaha fooda inagu soo haya hadii Alle Idmo.

Mar labaad waxaa idin leenahay aad baad u mahadsantihiin dhamaantiin.

Mamulka hogaanka media group


Somaliland accuses Somalia and Italy of frustrating its recognition status

Somaliland President Musa Bihi waves a flag in Hargeisa on arrival from Guinea. Photo/COURTESY.

By CORRESPONDENT, NAIROBI, Jul 8 – Somaliland is now accusing Somalia and its former colonial master Italy of working together in frustrating her quest for international recognition.

Somaliland President Musa Bihi however, says the international community is warming up to welcoming Somaliland back to the world map by granting the country recognition.

Bihi, on arrival from Guinea where he was on official visit on invitation of Guinea president Alpha Conde said Italy had pile pressure on Guinea not to welcome him and his delegation from Somaliland.

“Italy was among nations that bore great pressure on Guinea heeding the hysteric calls of the Mogadishu administration. In fact, Italy exerted the greatest pressure but to no avail,” said Bihi.

We are now seeing Somalia working with some countries in the west to frustrate our quest for recognition and at the same time bully our international friends who are sympathetic to our course,” added the Somaliland leader when he arrived back in Hargeisa.

“But we are happy, the number of nations that have shown sympathy to our course and are willing to help us in the push for self-determination is increasing and soon we will be a recognized stated.”

The visit by Bihi to Guinea has elicited strong reaction from Somalia who announced it had cut all diplomatic ties with the west African state.

Somali foreign ministry in a statement said the government had cut all diplomatic ties after Guinea “accorded the protocol of head of state… to the leader of a separatist movement”

At the weekend, Guinea president responded by saying Somaliland had all rights to chart her destiny.

The events of last week have hardened Somalilanders’ attitudes towards Mogadishu’s based government. This has given rise to the opposition urging Somaliland to stop talking to the Mogadishu government.

Bihi, was met with a rapturous welcome on his return from Guinea Conakry. Crowds thronged the streets, most businesses were closed and people flocked to the capital Hargeisa from all corners of Somaliland.

Somaliland has waged a 29-year campaign to be recognized after it separated from Somalia in 1990 when the civil war stated. The two countries had merged after independence. Somaliland was a British protectorate while Somali was colonized by the Italians.

Source :CFM, 08/07/19


Somaliland invites French investors to explore country’s aviation industry

Dominic Omondi 26th Jun 2019

Somaliland Managing Director for Civil Aviation and Airports Authority Mohammed Rodol (right) shakes hands with French embassy commercial Attache Emmanuel Dragon as somaliland envoy to Kenya Bashe Omar (left).NAIROBI, KENYA:

 Somaliland has sent an invitation to France to explore investment opportunities in the country’s aviation industry.

Somaliland’s Managing director for Civil Aviation and Airports Authority Abdi Mohammed Rodol during a meeting with the French Commercial Attache Emmanuel Dragon at the France embassy in Nairobi said there are massive openings in aviation, which France can take advantage of.

“Ours is a young Nation seeking to welcome investors in different fields.

As the civil aviation director in Somaliland, I welcome investors from France to come and explore these opportunities,” Rodol said during the meeting that was also attended by the Somaliland representative to Kenya Bashe Omar. Meanwhile, Kenya is mulling on introducing direct flights to Somaliland capita Hargeisa.

With the frosty relationship on between Kenya and Somalia, which has seen the former close its borders and bar flights to and from Mogadishu, Kenya Airways, is considering Hargeisa as its next destination in the Horn of Africa.

This will be a massive boost for trade between Kenya and the internationally unrecognized Somaliland.

Over 15,000 Kenyans are living and working in Somaliland in the hospitality and education sectors.

Somaliland Managing Director of Civil Aviation and Airports Authority Abdi Mohammed Rodol is in Nairobi ostensibly to hold discussions with authorities in Kenya on the suitability of Hargeisa as a destination for Kenya Airways.

So far, Ethiopia Airlines provides two flights that fly directly to Somaliland between Addis Ababa and Hargeisa.

Fly Dubai also has flights that fly between Dubai and Hargeisa bringing business people to Somaliland from all over the world.

With plans to open a consulate in Hargeisa still on, the Kenya Airways sees this as an opportunity to introduce flights to the country which parted ways with Somalia after the start of the 1990 civil war.

Last month, the Foreign Affairs ministry directed Mr. Philip Mundia Githiora to establish the mission in the Somaliland capital.

Ethiopia and Djibouti have already set up diplomatic missions in Somaliland.





Somalia Flies Into Another Puerile Tantrum on ROS President Visit to Guinea

Date 7/3/2019 3:40:46 PM

(MENAFN – SomTribune) His Excellency the President of the Republic of Somaliland, Musa Behi Abdi, and a delegation he led is on a state visit to Guinea following an official invitation extended to him by President Alpha Conde’.

Somaliamedia reportedthat the Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Awad, scheduled a press conference for 2 p.m., Wednesday, at which he was to fly into yet another harangue about some country – this time Guinea – violating ‘Somalia sovereignty’.

@MinisterMOFAbecomes apoplectic upon seeing howPresident@musebiihiof#SomalilandRepublic was most royally received in#Guinea . He called a press conference to protest only to cancel it the last minute. Instead, he’ll be writing another envious, silly letter to the

— Ibrahim J Abdi (@JIbrahimj)July 3, 2019

The meeting was called off at the last minute.

Similarly, a Tweet attributed to Villa Somalia President, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed ‘Farmaajo’, which was hastily pulled out, circulated the social media.

“We are against all forms of diplomatic breaches witnessed in recent days, we call all brotherly countries to respect Somalia’s sovereignty and statehood,” the President, reportedly said in his Tweet before it was deleted.

To make matters worse, the Somalia government dispatched its ambassador to the EU to Senegal, sharing boundaries with Guinea where President Behi is to try to sway the Senegalese government to influence President Alpha Conde’ to lower state of reception for the visiting President.

I understood #Somaliahave send her EU representative to Senegal to protest somaliland’sengagement with Guinea.Can someone tell our neighbor. Africa is not EU.Guinea is not Senegal and somaliland is not Somalia. Just fix your own country and leave us alone.

— Ayan Mahamoud (@Gobannimo)July 3, 2019

Ms Ayan Mohamoud, Somaliland Head of Mission in the United Kingdom, was quick to point out how Somalia is misreading all the signs, continuing on a spree of embarrassing misjudgments.

President Behi’s visit to Guinea, obviously, is making other unexpected quarters jittery, too.

The Tweet below purports that President Behi is not only paying a state visit to Guinea to discuss bilateral relations and strengthen cooperation between the two East and West African countries but that there is a hidden agenda to the visit: to negotiate with Russia on a p[ossible Russian base in Somaliland.

The Tweet, as you can see below. fails to explain why that cannot be done at any place closer to home.


Analysts, however, dismissed above Tweet as another Somalia-inspired hoax to open many fronts on a more successful, but not internationally recognized, 28-year-old Somaliland.

Somalia (see below) has made another feeble lunge at Kenya and Somaliland protesting to the use of the word ‘countries’ in a Tweet the Kenyan PS of Foreign Affairs, Macharia Kamau, used in relation to a meeting he had with ROS Foreign Affairs Minister, Yassin Haji Mohamoud.

Somaliland and Somalia had never been signed or passed by parliament. It is only a matter of courtesy that Somaliland is talking to Somalia on matters relating how their relationship would be shaped without the union – or reunion as Somalia is obsessed with.

Somaliland was an independent nation recognized by more than 35 countries before the SNL party, led by the late president Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal unconditionally handed it over to Mogadishu only five days after independence in the mistaken belief that he was pioneering a Greater Somalia union of 5 Somalias.


Somalia Takes Another Feeble Swipe at Somaliland, Latter Responds


Somalia Takes Another Feeble Swipe at Somaliland, Latter Responds

Date 7/1/2019 7:07:18 PM

  • (MENAFN – SomTribune) In yet another attempt to put the world hostage to a non-existent, irrevocable, binding union between the Republic of Somaliland and it, Somalia has made another blunder which only diverts more attention to the long-standing dispute between the two countries.

Following up on other diplomatic pressures some of which it had scores with a world that had not read its history as meticulously as it should, the weak federal ‘government’ in Mogadishu wrote another biting letter to Kenya.

To deliver the so-called protecst, it summoned Ambassador Lucas Tumbo to its ministry of foreign affairs to highlight displeasure on a recent Tweet by Permanent-Secretary Macaria Makau relating to a meeting he had had with the Foreign Minister of the Somaliland Republic, Professor Yassin Haji Mohamoud.

PS Kamau stated that the two sides ‘discussed issues of mutual interest between the two countries and ways of strengthening cooperation’.

Somalia espied an affront in the tweet and was quick on the trigger trying to teach PS Macharia how to use the English language.

According to its letter the use of ‘two countries’ in reference to Somaliland and Kenya.

A press statement, carrying the core of Somalia’s professed ‘affront’ ran as follows:

“On Sunday (June 30th), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation summoned the Ambassador of the Republic of Kenya to the Federal Republic of Somalia (?), Lt. General (Rtd) Lucas Tumbo, and handed him a protest note against an offensive tweet by the Principal Secretary of the Foreign Affairs of Kenya, Mr Macharia Kamau, on 27 June 2019.We consider this tweet an affront to Somalia’s sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity as well as harmful to the relationship between Kenya and Somalia.Somalia stands for good neighborliness, mutual respect and close cooperation with its neighbors, and expects the same from Kenya.END

The core message which the note carried was that the Tweet was an affront to sovereignty in which, obviously, Somalia believes the Republic of Somaliland was part of.

The Somaliland Foreign Ministry did not lose a moment but responded in kind – and in much better language, more diplomatic suavity.

“As a sovereign nation,” the FM response pointed out, “Somaliland’s right to engage in peaceful and foreign relations with all other nations is enshrined in international law, and all coercive and threatening measures to deny such cooperation between regional partners not only represent affronts to the principles and protocols on which the international order is based, but does little to promote the peace and security that the region requires”.

It went on to establish how important it was that government attended to their corners of the fence before they tried tearing down other people’s attainments, poking noses into every nook and corner except theirs.

“The Somaliland government thus implores its neighbour Somalia to focus its attention inward, towards meeting the many security, humanitarian and development challenges which the international community has invested so much, rather than involving itself in the affairs of other sovereign nations, including Kenya and Somaliland.

The delusion Villa Somalia harbours stems from an ill-fated, never signed, never approved by parliament union between the erstwhile British Protectorate of Somaliland and Italian Somalia on 1 July 1960. The two parts had nothing with one another until that date and, even then, their ‘marriage’ was not properly officiated.

This latest Somalia attempt follows close on the heels of other impotent protestations one of which tried to stop international partners dealing with Somaliland development as they saw fit.

Relations between the Republic of Kenya and the Republic of Somaliland have visibly strengthened since Somalia took a maritime boundary dispute it had developed with Kenya to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in 2014.

Kenya has announced last year that it was going to officially open a diplomatic Mission in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland appointing Ambassador Philip Githora to head it.

Trade talks between the two countries have since gained fresh ground the latest development from which indicates that Kenya Airways may soon start direct flights connecting Hargeisa to Nairobi.

The international community-propped administration of federal Somalia has been biting its nails trying every trick in the world to keep the 28-year old, very mature, democratic Somaliland tucked away in the shadows forever – an impossible task in the circumstances.

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