Wado-Makaahil:boqashadii madaxweynaha somaliland


Muhammed (pbuh) said “I swear by God that you will not be true believers in him unless you love each other.Greet each other frequently and make it a common habit. And he said: “No one will become a good believer unless he wishes for his brethren what he likes for himself”.

Also Said: “ Whoever helps a believer overcome a difficulty,God will help him overcome a difficulty at the day of judgment, and God will always help an individual as long as he/she is helping others”.

Muhammed (pbuh) said: “ Don’t ever underestimate any kind act, even if you meet others with a bright (smiling) face”. And he said: “ The one who greets others first is closer to God than others”. On another occasion he said to someone who asked him about a good way to deal with people: “ Offer people food and greet whom you know and whom you don’t know”

Muhammad (pbuh) used to greet people warmly: According to authentic narrations, Muhammad used to meet people with a bright face and when he shook hands with others, he never released his hand before the other person.

Mohammed had a high sense of humour: He was a very cheerful and optimistic person. People who dealt with him described him as a likable person and at the same time he was venerated and respected.

On several occasions he joked with his friends, his wife, old people and children (including his own children and grandchildren). During Muhammad’s time, racing (as running) was a common activity to have fun. It was narrated that Muhammad (pbuh) was seen several times racing with his wife, his children and other children.

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