Mercy is above power

Allah(swt), the almighty, sent his messenger Mohammed (scw) as a mercy for humankind. This requires everyone to follow the perfect example, and the steps of Allah’s Messenger,(scw) in order that our atmospheres become filled up,again, with sympathy, mercy, kindness, piety, and pity for others. It was reported that Allah’s Messenger, (scw) kissed his grandson, Alhasan, while AlAqra’a bin Habes was sitting with him, who commented, while noticing what Allah’s Messenger,(scw) did, ‘I have ten children whom I never kissed once.’ Allah’s Messenger, (scw) looked at him, and commented, ‘He who is not merciful {and kind} to others, others wouldn’t be merciful { i.e. kind} to him. This hadith is reported by Bukhari