All the time you are alive you are developing your own backbone. sometimes you feel there is no point in trying because you are so small and unimportant that nothing you do will ever matter. But you realise this is quite wrong. It does matter. Allah doesn’t care whether you are little or weak or of no importance in the world. He knowns all about that. What matters to Allah is what you do with yourself. And if you joint with others who are of like mind, by grace you may no longer be little and weak.

“How many a little band has overcome a great band by Allah’s leave. And Allah is with the steadfast.” ( Surah Al-Baqara 2:249).

Remember, if you are in total darkness and you strike a match, it is only a little flame but it breaks through and sheds light. And if there are thousands of you with matches making little flames, then how great is the light.

We are like bricks for Allah- bricks, as you know, are boring little non-entities made out of mud-but a wall cannot be made without them. Even the great Wall of china was put there brick by brick. Although we cannot realise our own importance to Allah or fully know His will for us, we are the bricks of which the Muslim community is made and every one of us has place. Take that brick away and there is a gaping hole.

” Truly Allah loves the ones who fight in his way, arrayed in ranks, as if they were a building which is firmly and compactly cemented. ”  (Surah As-Saff 61:4)

If you are a Muslim you cannot just assume that other people will do everything for you. You have a duty to become a responsible about soon as you possibly can. It is no use waiting for someone else to take the lead and tell you what to do. If you open your eyes and take a good a look at the adults around you and those responsible for governing your small area and then the larger areas countries and nations you realise straight away how very wrong so many things are. The world is not only the place where you live, it is also a battlefield and the enemy is not a person you can see and point the finger at, it is Shaytan, the slinking whisperer. He is no simpleton , but the cleverest, most cunning of tricksters, eager to pull unsuspecting people into his clutches.

Two of the most used tricks are to influence people to stop believing in Allah ( This is where science is so often used, you have heard the phrase “Blinding with science”) and to make people give in to laziness.

By: Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood, ( Muslim Teenagers Coping)