The Death Of Imam Shafi

Muhamed ibn Idris al-Shafi(commonly known as Imam Shafi ), the founder of the Shafi school of law in Islam, died in Fustat. He was born in Ghaza in 767, but brought up and educated in Makkah until the age of twenty, when he moved to Madinah to continue his studies under Imam Malik. He went to Egypt in about 814, where he spent the remainder of his life.

Before Shafi’s time, the teachings of the great jurists such as Imam Hanifa and Imam Malik had dominated current legal opinion, but it was in the absence of any systematic treatment of the bases on which the laws had stood or the methods by which they had been derived. Imam Shafi, gifted with extraordinary talents for religious literature, rose to the task. His greatest contribution in the field of law was the establishment of a new discipline, the study of Usul al-fiqh (the fundamentals of jurisprudence). Although he started writing his legal theories only during the last sixteen years or so of his life, he produced an unrivaled amount of work, most of which is still held in high esteem by Muslim scholars. Among his principal pupils was Imam Hanbal [780 – 855], who afterward founded a new legal school, known by his own name. Shafi’s tomb in Cairo is a shrine, attracting a large number of faithful devotees.

Praise be to Allah(SWT)

source: A chronology of Islamic history 570-1000 CE

H.U. Rahman