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January 2, 2019


by M J Farah

By Grace Garland,
Lasik Eyes

Woman having laser eye test

Testing for healthy eyes with slit lamp examination. Image courtesy of Moorfields Eye Hospital.

The latest wave of vision correction has arrived in the UK.

Thanks to groundbreaking advances in technology, scientists have managed to make laser eye surgery more effective and affordable than ever before.

As any glasses-wearer will tell you, spectacles are hardly a practical choice. You can lose them or break them, they’re a nightmare when it rains, and they often affect how people perceive you.

Contact lenses can cost a fortune every month – and if you forget spares you’re in big trouble. Luckily, laser eye surgery is now a real alternative for all.

A quick, virtually painless procedure that can take as little as 10 minutes per eye, laser eye gives you freedom from glasses – and nowadays for a far better price. No wonder over 15,000 people a year are choosing 20/20 vision with laser eye surgery, the only question you will ask is – why didn’t I do it sooner?

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