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Sida aynu la wada socono Culimada Islamku Waxaa ay gacanta ku hayaan dhaxalkii umada Islaamka, waayo waxaa ay Nebigii Alle ee Maxamed nabadgelyo iyo naxariisi korkiisa ha ahaatee waxay ka dhaxleyn caqiidadii,cilmigii,dhaqankii iyo wax kasta oo uu inoo hayey ee diinta Alle(swt) ku saleysneyd. Sidaa ayaa Culimada Islamka wixii cilmi madmadow inaga galo ugu soo… Read More ›


Just One Message!

After the creation of Adam, just one original message has been repeatedly delivered to mankind through the history of human. Thus, to remind people about it and bring them back on track, many prophets and messengers including Adam, Noah,Abraham, Moses, Juses, and Muhammad(saw) were sent by the only true God to convey this message: The… Read More ›


Allah has given us many wonderful gifts.Tongue is one of them.It is wonderful to be able to speak,  but we should see that everything we speak is true. Allah does not like the liars. Allah’s Messenger (saw) has said, “Be truthful. For truthfulness leads to piety and piety leads to paradise.If a man holds to… Read More ›

Ramadan :what should be done in this great Month!

Prepare yourself and your environment for worship by doing the following: 1- Hasten to repent and turn back to Allah. 2- Rejoice at the onset of this month. 3- Fast properly. 3- Have the correct frame of mind and fear Allah when praying Taraaweeh. 4- Do not become tired tired during the middle ten days… Read More ›

Sheekh Cali Xaaji Ibrahim(Allah ha u naxariistee) oo inoo sharaxaya habeenkii Nebigeenii suubanaa la dheelmiyey


The World Divine Book Dictionary (1995; Vol. L-z page 1326) has defined a miracle as “ a wonderful happening that is beyond the known laws of nature.” A typical example of these laws is the appearance of the sun from the east. If it appears from the West, it becomes a miracle and sign. Encyclopaedia… Read More ›

6 Benefits of Ablution (Wudhu) Which Have Been Scientifically Proven

Purity is the power of which the mysteries revealed to you. The purification of body strengthens your soul which ultimately bring you close to Allah. This is the reason why Islam emphasizes on purity, as it is the basic part of faith in Islam. Every Muslim performs ablution (wudhu), before offering prayers. It is a… Read More ›


All the time you are alive you are developing your own backbone. sometimes you feel there is no point in trying because you are so small and unimportant that nothing you do will ever matter. But you realise this is quite wrong. It does matter. Allah doesn’t care whether you are little or weak or… Read More ›

Who are Muslims?

Think you can recognise a Muslim by dress or nationality? Nearly one-fourth of the world’s population is Muslim. And although some people mistakenly think that all Muslims are Arab (or vice versa), Arabs makeup but 18% of the world’s Muslim population. Muslims are found everywhere from West Africa, East Europe, China and the Philippines, and… Read More ›

Levels Of Islam

a) Islam: There are five pillars of Islam, which are as follow: 1- to testify that there is no true god except Allah(swt), and Mohammad (scw) is the messenger of Allah. 2- To perform Salat 3- To pay Zakat 4- To fast in the month of Ramadhan 5- To perform Hajj (pilgrimage) b) Imaan: is … Read More ›

Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) encouraged people to love each other.

Muhammed (pbuh) said: “I swear by God that you will not be true believers in Him unless you love each other. I will tell you something, if you do it you will love each other. Greet each other frequently and make it a common habit. And Said: “No one will become a good believer unless… Read More ›

Opportune Moments In Which Du’a is Accepted

1- At the end of the fardh prayers (Tirmidhi). 2- The last third part of the night (Bukhari). 3- Between adhan & iqamah. 4-  in sajdah (Muslim). 5- Whilst fasting and opening the fast (Tirmidhi). 6- The last portion of Jumu’ah. 7- The du’a of a muslim for his absent brother(Muslim). 8- Whilst visiting the… Read More ›

Ramadaam iyo Safeynta Nefteena!

Ramadaam waa Bisha 9aad ee Bilaha sanadku ka kooban yahay oo ah 12 bilood tiro ahaan,tani waxay ina tusaysaa in mudo 8 bilood ah sanad kasta nolosheena ku soo qaadano, camalo la xidhiidha kheyr iyo sharba(Camalo Wanaagsan iyo Camalo aan wanaagsaneyn) sidaa awgeed bisha Ramadaam waa mid Allah(swt) uu Adoomadiisa ugu talo galey in camaladooda… Read More ›


Muhammad(SAAS)’s reputed ‘Nocturnal Journey’ (The miraj) took place from Makkah to Jerusalem and thence to Seventh Heaven. He was charged with the command that all Muslims were to offer prayer five times a day. There are different accounts of what occurred during the Mi’raj, but most narratives have the same elements: Muhammad(SAAS) ascended into heaven… Read More ›


Waxaa Shalay (06/10/16) lagu Aasay Qabuuraha Magalada hargeysa XALWO XASAN CABDI,OO AHAYD HOOYO IYO AYEEYO QAALI IGU AH.Balse geeridida cidina ma baajin karto,oo waa Xaq ,ALLAH(SWT) Waxaa aan ka baryayaa inuu ku daro Adoomadiisa uu ku Casuumo Janadiisa Qaaliga ah ee JANATUL FARDUUSA, AAMIN YAA RABI. WAXAA KA TACSIDEENAYAA DHAMAAN UBADKEEDII(REER MAWEEL) IYO CARUURTII AY… Read More ›


Universal human rights are the things that naturally belong to us as human beings, including but not Limited to such things as the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. As much as some might argue that there are those who don’t deserve to have their rights respected, the principle of human rights… Read More ›

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