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Cleaner finds £300,000 in cash on London bus – and RETURNS it to police

Claire Gilbody-Dickerson

© Getty Images Senior male holding British bank notes in his right hand, £50, £20, £10 and £5 pound notes.

An incredibly honest cleaner who found £300,000 in cash on a London bus decided to hand it in to the police rather than keep the stash of money that could’ve settled them for a lifetime.

The cleaner, hired by Cordant Cleaning, found the money in a brown envelope after an absent-minded passenger left it there.

Had the lucky finder kept the money they most certainly wouldn’t have needed to carry on scraping floors for a living.

But the cleaner, whose identity hasn’t been disclosed, sacrificed the prospect of a future lavish lifestyle and rather than nicking the hefty sum, returned it to the Met police.

© Getty Images The money was found in a brown envelope on a London bus

Some of the cleaner’s colleagues, however, ran into far less attractive items left behind by travellers that just had to be binned.

They include a deep fryer found on a bus in Leeds and a positive pregnancy tests in Southampton.

Sex toys and soiled nappies were also found in Leeds, while a pair of dirty knickers in London were one cleaner’s lucky find.

Vomit containing false teeth was found on a bus in Southampton, where someone also dumped poo with a flag stuck in it.

But the most revolting finds by Cordant Cleaning staff were on a Glasgow double-decker – a used tampon tied to a handrail and a large fresh animal heart under a seat.

Cordant boss Guy Pakenham said: “More often than not I’m left shocked when my team tell me about the disgusting things they have to get rid of when cleaning buses up and down the UK.

“But I can only praise their dedication and good humour.

“They don’t seem to be fazed by anything.

“Thankfully our staff are fully trained and equipped to deal with cleaning hazards like these.

“But we can only urge passengers that next time they defecate on the floor of a bus, or throw up their own false teeth, please remember

to take all of your items with you.”

Source: Msn news


EU – League of Arab States Summit, Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, 24-25 February 2019

The summit will also provide an opportunity for leaders to discuss the latest developments in the region, such as the situations with the Middle East Peace Process, Yemen, Libya and Syria.

The European Union (EU) – League of Arab States (LAS) summit will be held in the International Congress Centre in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, on 24-25 February 2019. The summit will for the first time bring together the heads of state or government from both organisations.European Council President Donald Tusk will co-chair the meeting together with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker also representing the EU.

The EU High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy / Vice-President of the Commission, Federica Mogherini, and the Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn will also attend the summit.

The summit will seek to strengthen Arab-European ties. Leaders will address a wide range of current challenges and common opportunities, such as multilateralism and the rules based global order, trade and investment, migration, climate change and security. The summit will also provide an opportunity for leaders to discuss the latest developments in the region, such as the situations with the Middle East Peace Process, Yemen, Libya and Syria.  

The summit will start on Sunday 24 February at 17.00 with the official welcome by the Egyptian host and co-chair President Al Sisi. At 17.30 there will be an opening ceremony, followed by a plenary session on ‘Enhancing the Euro-Arab partnership and addressing global challenges together – part 1’. After a family photo at 19.50 there will be a dinner for the heads of delegations.

On Monday 25 February the summit will resume at 10.30 with a restricted working session for the leaders devoted to ‘addressing regional challenges together’. This will be followed by part 2 of the plenary session starting at 12.00. The summit will end with a closing session at 14.20, followed by a press conference.

First EU-LAS summit

The summit in Sharm el-Sheikh will be the first meeting between the European Union and the League of Arab States at the level of heads of state or government. The decision to organise the summit was taken following the informal meeting of EU heads of state or government in Salzburg on 19-20 September 2018. In its conclusions on 18 October 2018, the European Council welcomed the holding of the summit. 

The summit will be an opportunity for the leaders to emphasise the need for greater strategic cooperation between the EU and the Arab world, promoting a relationship of the kind that the EU has developed with other regional groupings. 

Today the two regions comprise 12% of the world’s population. With the Middle East especially experiencing strong population growth (from 1950-2000 the population already grew from 92 million to 349 million, which is a 3.8 fold increase, or 2.7% per year) the cross-regional opportunities and challenges are likely to increase. The summit should hence be an opportunity to boost cooperation on a number of issues, such as socio-economic development, trade and investment, energy security, climate change and migration.

Euro-Arab opportunities

The two regions are already major trade and investment partners. Collectively the EU is the first trading partner for the LAS. This is also the case for 11 individual members of the LAS. The EU is also the biggest investor in the LAS countries.

For example, 23% of all EU oil imports come from LAS countries. The equivalent number for natural gas is 19%. 

The summit will provide an opportunity for leaders to discuss how to further strengthen economic cooperation between the two sides. Leaders are expected to discuss possibilities to develop cooperation in the fields of energy, science, research, (digital) technology, tourism, fisheries and agriculture. 

Global challenges

At the summit, leaders will have the opportunity to reconfirm their commitment to multilateralism and to an international system based on international law, as well as to discuss a number of pressing global issues. In particular, leaders are expected to reiterate their strong support for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and to global efforts to tackle climate change, notably through the implementation of the Paris Agreement. They are also expected to discuss human rights and the promotion of cultural and religious tolerance.

Migration is a challenge for both the EU and LAS member states. Several LAS member states rank high among countries of origin, transit or departure of migrants and refugees to Europe (approximately 1/3 of total arrivals in Europe 2018 came from LAS countries) and some of them are also hosting large communities of migrants and refugees. Leaders are expected to underline the need to protect and support refugees in accordance with international law and to strengthen the fight against illegal migration and migrants’ smuggling.

Leaders will also discuss concerns related to the fight against terrorism. They are expected to agree on the need to further increase cooperation and coordination aimed at addressing root causes of terrorism, to combat the movement of foreign terrorist fighters and in cutting-off support to terrorist networks.

Regional challenges

Recent developments have highlighted the direct impact that open conflicts, protracted and humanitarian crises have on stability and security in both regions. There is an added value of increased EU involvement in stabilising regions. The summit will provide an opportunity for leaders, in a more restricted format, to discuss developments in the region, such as the situations in Syria, Libya and Yemen, as well as the Middle East Peace Process.

The EU and League of Arab States

The League of Arab States is the only pan-Arab grouping gathering all Arab countries. It includes 22 member states from Africa and the Middle East: Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. Syria’s membership was suspended in 2011, and it is not participating in the summit.

Since the signing of a memorandum of understanding in 2015, the EU and LAS have maintained an advanced relationship, including biennial ministerial meetings and annual meetings between the

EU Political and Security Committee and the LAS Permanent Representatives. The EU and the LAS have also launched in 2015 a strategic dialogue to develop the Euro-Arab operational cooperation on security issues

Source: Council of the European Union ,



Waa barnaamuj cusub oo aan ku soo xulandoono burnaamujyo aan u arko iney wacyi gelin yihiin ee lagu baahiyo baraha Bulshada………


Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un : إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْه رَاجِعونَ

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un (Arabic: إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْه


Kullu nafsin zaikatul maut

Aniga oo ku hadlaya  Magacayga iyo kan Waxaa aan halkan tacsi uga dirayaa dhamaan ehelkii iyo qaraabadii,axsaabtii iyo xaaskii,caruurtii uu ka baxay Cabdilahi Adam Indha-yare. Oo 09/01/19 lagu aasey Magalada London ee cariga Engiriiska sigaar waxaa aan uga tacsiyadeenaya :

  1. Cawil  Xasan Adam indhayare iyo qoyskiisa
  2. Khadra Ayban Adam iyo qoyskeeda
  3. Casha Ayban Adam iyo Qoyskeeda
  4. Hamda Ayban Adam iyo Qoyskeeda
  5. Yasmin Xasan Adam iyo Qoyskeeda

Iyo Dhamaan reer Adam Inayare oo dhan meel kasta oo caalamka ka joogaanba,

Waxaa aanan lee yahay Cabdilahi Adam Alle(swt) Naxariistiisa Jano ha geeyo inagana Samir iyo Iimaan Alle (swt) ha inaga siiyo Amin yaa Rabi


Damaca Dhul Balaadhsiga Majeerteeniya Iyo Moganaanta In Badan! Q.3aad

……. Dhulka Puntland waxaa ku dhanhawada sare, berriga iyo dhulka hoostiisa, jiidda dhaqaalaha ee badda oo dhan200 maylka badda ah oo ka bilawda halka uu ku dhammaado hirka ugu dambeeya,waxaana mas’uul ka ah Dawladda. Qodabadani waa kuwo halis ku ah nabadgelyada mandaqada waayo Puntlandwaxay dastuurkeeda ku darsatey gobolo iyo degmooyin dal deris la ah oo aaneycidna wax ka weydiin iyada oo ku xadgudubtey xeerarka caalamiga ee xududaha laaqoonsan yehay waayo Somaliland Xuduudaheedu waa kuwii shanta Somaliyeed lagudhisay ee lagu kala qeybiyey,isku keenida shantii Somaliyeedna waa arin kale oohada aan haabkaba lagu haynin waana dalal kala madax banaan maanta.Sidaadarteed Caalamku waa in uu Puntland gardaradeeda meel saaraa.

Sida aan u jeedo Puntland waxaa ay siyaasad ahaan ku saleysan tahay in ay Somaliya caqli u tahay oo siyaasiintoodu yihiin kuwa hormoodka u ah isbedelada siyaasadeed ee Somaliya ,balse waxaa aan u arkaa in aaney dhinaca wadaniyada Somalinimada ku gaadheynin Somalida kale oo Somalida kale ka wadani san yihiin,balse ay kaga horeeyaan siyaasada ku dhisan ku daneysiga,iyo dilaalida khayraadka Somalida.Dadka caadiga ah ee reer Puntland waa dad wanaagsan oo dalkooda iyo Somalinimadaba jecel oo aan waxba kaga duwaneyn dadka kale ee Somaliyeed,balse meesha dhibtu ka jirtaa waa Siyaasiinta iyo Boqorada qaar ka mid ah.

Arinta kale ee Muhiimka ahi waa Puntland oo carqalad ku ah nabadgelyada Somaliya waayo dani uguma jirto Somali dawladi ka jirto oo ay hoos tagto waayo?

A) Hadii dawlad Federal ah oo Somaliyeed oo Shaqayneysa la helo waxaa awooda dalka ee dhinaca siyaasada guud arimaha debada gudaha,difaaca iyo dhaqaalaha si guud u maamuli doona dawlada federalka ah iyada oo kheyraadka iyo kaalmooyinka dalka lagu sargoondoono siyaadada guud ee qaranka.Sidaa darteed Puntland Siyaasiintoodu ma rabaan taasi waxay se rabaan in khayraadka guud ee Somaliya qaabta ugu badan ka helaan kan dawlad Goboleedka Puntlandna cidna wax ka siin oo iyagu u tashadaan, sida ay tahay imika.

B) Puntland dawladgobol ahaan waxaa ay isku haysataa mida ka talisa Somaliya Siyaasadeed waayowaxay faragelisaa Siyaasada dhaqaalaha iyo awooda dawlada federalka ah waxaneyu adeegsataa dawlad goboleedada kale iyadoo cadaadis ku saarta dowlada taagta darenee federalka ah meelmarinta rabitaanka siyaasiniinta Puntland iyo danahapuntland oo keliya taas waxaa markhaati u ah isbahaysiga ay marka arini kuxumaato ay la sameeyaan dawlad goboleed yada kale ee federalka ah sidashirarkii Juba Land,Konfur galbeed Somaliya .Taas badalkeeda Dawlada federalkaahi wax doora oo muuqda kuma laha Siyasada Puntland mana faragelin karto sidaay u faro-geliso dawlad goboleedada kale, Tusaale Doorashada hada ee Koonfur galbeed waxaa faraha ku haya Dawlada federalka oo door muuqda ku leh balse, Doorashada Puntland ee isla xiligan ka socota Puntland dawlada federalka ahi wax lug ah oo muuqda kuma laha mana faragelin karto,oo meel bay puntland iska saartey in lala maamulo gobolkeeda balse iyada la maamusho dawlada federalka ah dalka siyaasadiisa.

C) Puntland waxay sicad dagaal ugula jirtaa Somaliland iyada oo ujeedad ugu weyni tahay hadii Somaliland la aqoonsado waxaa meesha ka baxaya siyaasadeeda ah in ay xuurto kuhaysato siyaasada iyo ayaa ka talinta Somaliya ee kala duwan,sidaa darteedPuntland waxay rabtaa in ay ka dhex muuqato siyasada Somalida si rayi caalamkuu tusto iney tahay awooda siyasada Somaliya ee mudan in laga talo geliyoarimaha muhiimka ah ee Somaliya sidaa darteed ayey faylka dacaayadaha ugu darsataa Gobolada Somaliland ee Sool iyo Sanaag oo ay ku balaadhsato sumcada Puntland si calamka idhaheeda ugu soo jeediso.    Waad Mahadsantiin Dhamaantiin ,Lasoco Qaybahadambe……….

M J Farah



Ugu horeyn waxaa aan Alle uga baryayaa inuu naxariistiisa jano geeyo Abwaan Xasan sheekh muumin oo Curiyey midhaha heesta Caqligii wanaagasani…….Waxaynu og nahay in Caqliga wanaagsan ama si kale hadii aan u I dhaahdo caqliga sida fiican u shaqeenayaa in uu ka awood,karti,wax soosaar,faa’iido badan yahay xoog itaal awood seegasho intaba.Caqliga wanaagsani waa ka kala horumariyey Adamaha,waa kan barwaaqada ka dhigay dalal faqiir ahaa waana kan ay ku liibaaneyn dadka rumeyey ee taageerey Rasuushii Allah(swt) u soo direy,markey la kaashadeen Caqligooda ayey garteen in ay rusushani yihiin kuwo sheegaya run oo ay raaceen markey ku qanceen fariintii ay u sideen.Caqligu waa midka ku kala dooransiiya ficilada aad qaadeysid.

Sidoo kale Caqli xumidu waa imada horseedka u ah guul darooyinka nolosha gees kastaba marka laga eego,waa midka burburisey Dawladnimadii iyo Qaranimadii Somaliyeed waa mida  kala kaxaysey Somaliland iyo Somaliya waana mida ilaa hada burburka ku wada Somaliya.

Hadaba waxaa aan Maqaalkeygan isku barbar dhigayaa Horumarka Somaliland iyo Dib u dhaca Somaliya waxaa Sababey aniga oo qoraal taxane ah oo dheer ka qoridoona arimahaasi iyo taariikhda Somalida intaba waa baadhis cilmiyeed aan uga dan lee yahay in aan ku ururiyo dhacdooyinka salka u aha farqiga manta ee Somaliland iyo Somaliya,talooyina ka dhiiban doona sida loo maareyn karo xaalada cakiran ee Somaliya,una soo bandhigaya in Somaliland hadii ay talaabooyinka aan tilmaami doono qaado ay ku dambeyndoonto dal hodan ah oo la aqoonsan yahay la soco taxanahan oo aad u xiisa badan qaybaha dambe ………….



Faalo Ma leh Nin ragina waa og yahay doqona loo sheegi maayo! Sinama qiil loogu helimayo in maanta dadkeyga iyo dalkeyga dab laga shido oo sharafta iyo qiyaamka dalkeyga somaliland 28 sano ka dib dad doonaya xukun iyo kursi damcaan iney dhaawac gaadhsiyaan nabada iyo jiritaanka Somaliland balse ma dhacayso taasi waxaana si dhow loola soconayaa cid kasta oo ku soo duusha nabada gobanimada dalkayga iyo dadkayaga.Dadka Somaliland dhamaantood waxaa aan ugu baaqayaa iney dalkooda ilaashadaan iyada oo maanta caruurteenii liibiya lagu adoonsanayo oo HCTV wareysi ka qaaday qaar ka mida oo aad da’doodu  u yar tahay , laga yaabo in aaney qoys ahaan ka fogey caruurtaasi badhkood kuwa ku soo duuley Ceel Afweyn ee la buunbuuninayo nin kii wax xoreenayaa caruurtaasi yar yar ayaa u baahan xoreene liibiya ha ka soo saaro.


Ending use of chemical weapons in Syria: ‘still work to be done’, says UN disarmament chief — The European Sting – Critical News & Insights on European Politics, Economy, Foreign Affairs, Business & Technology –

This article is brought to you in association with the United Nations. As inspections and investigations continue into several reported instances of chemical weapons use against civilians in Syria, the United Nations High Representative on Disarmament Affairs, Izumi Nakamitsu, told the Security Council on Monday that much remains to be done to end their use, and called […]

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بارك الله لك وبارك عليك وجمع بينكما في خير AMEN


5 Tips to get Children Excited about Homework

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What Violent Rhetoric Does and Does Not Do — Political Violence at a Glance

By Thomas Zeitzoff. President (then candidate) Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Arizona, March 2016. Photo via Gage Skidmore. “The Fake News hates me saying that they are the Enemy of the People only because they know it’s TRUE. I am providing a great service by explaining this to the American People. They…

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Announcing a new GEM Report Fellowship Programme — World Education Blog

A new GEM Report Fellowship programme has just been launched thanks to the support of the Open Society Foundations. The Fellowship aims to strengthen the evidence base on comparative education. The first call for fellowships has just been put online with applications expected by September 28. Such calls will be issued twice a year with […]

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Between Authoritarianism and Democracy — Political Violence at a Glance

By Alexander Beresford, Marie E. Berry, and Laura Mann for Denver Dialogues. A photo from the Rwandan Parliament, 2013. Photo via Rwanda Government. For decades, political scientists have debated whether democracy is spreading or receding on the global stage. While recent trends suggest a global “democratic recession” is underway, some have used prominent democracy indices…

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Faa’iidooyinka Caafimaad Ee Ay Xabaasuudi Leedahay Iyo Magacyada Xanuuno Ay Dawo ka Tahay.

Hargeysa (HWN)- “Xabaasuuddu geeri mooyee, cudur kasta oo kale waa ka dawo” waxaa hadal macnahaas ku dhow yihin, Nebigeennii Muxammed (SCW). Aadamuhu bilowgii noloshiisaba waxa uu xabaasuudda u aqoonsanaa dawo uu kula tacaalo xanuunno aad u tiro badan. Tan iyo markii ay bilowdeen cilmibaadhisaha kala duwan iyo tijaabooyinka dadku ku baadhayo waxyaabaha waxtarka u leh nolosha iyo caafimaadkana, mar keliya isma ay beddelin natiijada lagu ogaanayo faa’iidooyinka xad dhaafka ah ee ay xabaasuuddu leedahay.

Xabaasuudda waxaa ku jira faytamiinno tiro badan oo ay ka mid yihiin, A, E, F, B1, B3, B6’ Beta-carotene, Biotin, curiyeyaal yaryar oo tiro badan iyo maaddooyin lid ku ah mariidka / sunta cuntada ka
samaysanta ee jidhka ku dhalata. Waxyaabaha ugu muhiimsan ee ay xabaasuuddu ka samaysantahayna waxaa ka mid ah ‘Thiamin’ oo leh awood liddi ku ah kaarka, nabarowga, una shaqaysa sida xanuun baabi’iyaha, isla markaana ilaalisa caafimaadka beerka iyo keliyaha. Waxa kale oo ay u shaqaysaa sida dawada Isbiriinka (Aspirin), waxa aanay leedahay awood liddi ku ah kansarka.

Marka aynu si guud u eegno waxyaabaha laga faa’iido isticmaalka xabaasuudda waxaa ka mid ah, xoojinta habdhiska difaaca ee jidhka, la dagaalanka dhiig la’aanta iyo kor u qaadista heerka barootiinta loo yaqaanno Himoglobiin ee ku jira unugyada dhiigga cas oo ogasiinta gaadhsiiya nudaha jidhka iyo unugyada dhiigga cas, waxa aanay liddi ku tahay Bakteeriyada, Jeermiska, Fangiga iyo dulinka. Waxaa intaas dheer in ay ka hortagto in kelyaha uu dhagax ku samaysmo. Qormadan oo aynu ka soo xigannay shabakadda wararka ee talefishanka laga leeyahay dalka Ruushka ee Russia today, waxa aynu ku soo qaadanaynaa qaar ka mid ah xaaladaha caafimaad ee ay xabaasuuddu si gaar ah waxtarka la taaban karo ugu yeelato. Kuwaas oo kala ah:


Xabaasuuddu waxa ay dawo ka tahay, ama ugu yaraan ay dejisaa kaarka iyo xanuunka xasaasiyadda, gaar ahaan noocyada ay ka mid yihiin samboorka iyo xiiqdu. Tijaabo lagu sameeyey 150 qof oo ka cabanaya noocyo kala duwan oo xasaasiyad ah, ayaa isbeddel caafimaadqab ah lagu arkay markii muddo maalin kasta la siinayey 5 boqol oo miligraam oo saliid xabaasuud ah.

La dagaalanka dulinka

Tijaabooyin cilmiya oo carruur lagu sameeyey ayaa muujiyey in saliid xabaasuuddu ay wax weyn ka tarto ka takhalusidda gooryaanka. Sida oo kale midhaha xabaasuudda ayaa dila gooryaanka iyo xitaa ogxaantiisa.

Xanuunka Macaanka iyo waxtarka xabaasuudda

Xabaasuuddu waxa ay yaraysaa raadka xaaladda dadka macaanka qaba lagu arko ee afka qalaad lagu yidhaahdo, ‘Oxidative stress’ oo ah in jidhku uu lumiyo awoodda uu u lahaa isu dheellitir mariidka jidhka ku samaysmaya iyo lidka mariidka/sunta. Waxa kale oo ay xabaasuuddu ilaalisaa badqabka unugyada ganaca oo uu macaanku halis geliyo. Sida oo kale saliidda xabaasuuddu waxa ay hoos u dhigtaa heerka Guluugooskta ee midhicirada iyada oo korna u qaadda Insulin ta uu jidhku soo saarayo.

Habdhiska difaaca

Xabaasuuddu waxa ay raad togan ku yeelataa caafimaadka caloosha, waxa ay kaxaysaa xaaladda gaasteriga ku timaadda ee ah in asiidhka / biyo kululi ay dib uga soo noqoto caloosha oo ay hunguriga ku soo noqoto.

Source Geeska.



Waxaa laga hayaa hooyo Somalilander ah “IDIN KALA GARAN MAYNEE GUULEYSTA”.Waxay ahayd Maalmo adag oo la kala saari kareyn ciidamadii dadkooda gumaadayey ee dawladii Somaliya,iyo dagaal yahanadii ururkii SNM waxa ku soo baxday iyada oo sidan filayo ka carareysa madaafiicdii,diyaaradiihii gantalada la beegsanayey dadka rayidka ah iyo ciidamadii lugta ee ugaadhsanayey dadka ka gabanaya hubka culus ee lagu garaacayo guryahoodii. Waxa ay la noqotey in aaney si fudud u kala saari karan kuwii ay ka carareysey(ciidamadii qalabka siday ee Somaliya) iyo kuwii ay nabada bideysay ee nafta kula carareysey(Dagaal yahanadii SNM).
Kolkaas ayey ereyadaasi ka soo baxeen afkeeda iyada oo dareenkeeda maalintaasi aad u kacsan yaay!.
Maanta waxaa laga joogaa maalintaasi 30 sano,jawigu waa ka duwan yahay maalintaasi inkasta oo aynan taariikhda qiimeyn,xusin maalmihii qadhaadhaa,kuna wanaagsaneyn keydinta taariikhdii geesiyaashii dadkooda iyo dalkooda naftooda u huray,meelaha taariikhiga ah ee wadankaygan Somaliland hadana waxaa ii muuqda in manta hadii aan wax badan la sixin ay soo noqon doonto maalintaasi hooyadaasi ereyadaa culeyska badan lahayd.Sababta aan sidaa u leeyahayna waxaa banaan kaalintii hogaaminta ee xisbiyada Somaliland oo tayo xumo la tiicaya,barnaamujyo warqado uun kuqoran,wax qabad aniga uun ku saleysan,qorshe la’aan strajiyad  xumo ama aan jirin aragti siyaasadeed oo aaney lahayn,Xin iyo xaasid danaysi iyo xil jaceyl intaas oo ay u dheer tahay wax walba mucaarid kol hadii aaney dantaada gaarka ahi ku jirin,maxaa kaa galey dalka iyo dadka ka shaqeyso oo ha u shaqeyn.Intaasiba waxay astaamo u noqdeen hogaamiyaalka xisbiyada Somaliland guud ahaan gaar ahaan kuwo mucaaridka ah oo aad moodo in intii ugu tayada liidatey xaga hogaaminta iskugu habar wacatey.
Waxaa tiro beelay khaladka ay hogaamiyaasha xisbiyadu ka galaan wadanimada,qaranimada iyo sharafta umada somaliland,waxaa aynu ku difaacnaa reernimo,waxaynu ku ilaalinanaa reernimo iyaga oo aynu og nahay in aaney reer qaran iyo dan yarta somaliland midna wax u tarin waxay ay yeelaan mooyaane hadii xitaa reernimo wax ku qiimeyneyno lagama waayin reerna rag u qalma oo wadaniyiin ah daacad ah oo ka xishoonaya iney horumarka dalkooda iyo dadkooda wax yeeleeyaan balse ma doonayno oo waxaa aynu rabnaa khaayimiin ee ma rabna dad daacad ah oo ay dhab ka tahay kana go’an tahay in ay wadankooda dhisaan wax taraan, aqoontooda,wakhtigooda u huraan.Tusaale Xukuumada hada haysa talada ee Mudane Muuse Biixi waxaa ku jira rag badan oo dhalin yaro,aqoon yahano daacadnimo intaba ku suntan oo dalkooda iney wax u qabtaan raba hadana Beelaha ay ka soojeedaan maalin walba waxay u xusul duubayaan in xilka laga qaado oo lagu bedelo kuwii horaba wax uga keeniwaayey xukuumadihii hore halkaas waxaad ka arkeysaa in xitaa keena wanaagsan ee daacada ah in aynaan rabin oo xitaa reerkiisii ka soo horjeedo. Su’aasha jawabta u baahani waxay tahay sidee qaran dadkiisu sidaa u fikirayo u horumari karaa? Anigu wax jawaab ah uma hayo aan ahay IDIN KALA GARAN MAYNEE GUULEYSTA!
Reernimada Somaliland waa hubka ay adeegsadaan tuugada siyaasada ee somalilanderku,ma aha mid salka ku haysa rabitaanka dhabta ah ee beelaha Somaliland balse waa falsafad ku saleysan wakhtiga doorashooyinka ee dadkayga aan bileyska siyasadeed lahayn. Reerahu waxay u baahan yihiin horumar bulsho siyasadeed iyo idealoyi ku saleysan cadaalad iyo sinaan dhameys tiran oo mideysa qaranimadooda somaliland balse uma baahna Fake News salka ku haysa weedho madhan oo danaysi aan dhafsiisney maalin qadadeed balse waxaa simaysaa waa Caafimad,waxbarsho,nabad gelyo iyo dhaqaale loo fikirey oo dalka lagu horumariyo taasina waxay ku iman kartaa siyaasiin karti aqoon,daacadnimo leh oo aynu u xulano hogaaminta balse inta aynu sacabka u tumeyno wax matare,iyo afku xoogade kuna difaacayno waa reer hebel waa inaga dheer tahay guul iyo gobanimo.

Muxuu inagu soo kordhiyey wasiirkii hore ee arimaha dibada Somaliya Jaale buubaa




26 June 1960 Xoriyadii La Tuuray 1 July 1960 Ma La Hantay 18 May 1991?

Xoryada sideedaba laguma bixiyo hadyad kol hadii lagu gumeysto waxaa gumeysiga laga baxaa halgan aan nasasho lahayn oo dhiig lagu daadiyo maskaxda lagu shiilo maalka loo huro murtida iyo suugaanta lagu fidiyo qoraalada iyo taariikhda lagu cadeeyo garnaqsi geed walba loogu tago.

Mudo badan ayaa Somaliland Xoriyadii ay ka qaatatey Gumeysigii boqortooyadii midowday (United Kingdom) ka soo wareegtey. Taariikhda waxaa loo qoraa sida loo ogaado raadadkii Umadaha ee dhinacyada nolosha,deganada,dhaqaalaha,dhaqanka,siyaasada, iyo dhamaan jiritaanadii tadawirka umadeed.Somalidu waxay ku maahmaahdaa “Rag calooshii la ciyaar iyo ciil Kama koraa u daran(u liita)”.

Taas waxaa aan ula jeedaa mar wal oo ay munaasibada 26 June ee ku astaysan gobanimadii Somaliland soo gasho ayaa aan maqlaa calaacal salka ku haya sida loo xuso ee weliba dawladihii kala dambeyey ee Somaliya u qadariyaan maalintaasi oo ku asteysan Markii Taariikhda Somaliya ugu horeysey ee uu dhasho dal Somaliyeed oo xor ah taas oo Taariikhda somalida u ah maalin ay ku faanto Somali oo dhani waa hadii somalidu caqligaasi lee dahaye waayo 26 June Somaliland oo keliyaha may xoroobin ee waaxaa Xoriyadii u bilaabantay somaliweyn waa tii dhashay Somaliyada xorta ah.

Maanta in Taariikhda 26 June laga xuso meel wal oo Somali degen tahay ayey ahayd balse may ahayn in xitaa Madaxda kala duwan ee Somalidu garanba waayaan halkii calankii ugu horeyey ee Somali XOR ahi yeelato laga taagay waa ayaan darooyinka ina haysta ayey ka mid tahay iyo doqoniimo siyaasadeed wadanyad daro iyo xasad waayo Dalalka la aqoonsan yahay ee Somali ku abtirsada waxaa ugu horeeya Jahuriyada federalka ah ee Somaliya oo weliba ku hadaaqda in ay labadii dal ee midoobay 1  July 1960 masuul ka tahay hadana Madaxweyne Farmaajo Wuxuu garan waayey goobtii calankii ugu horeyey ee Somaliyeed laga taago.

Dalka kale waa Jamhuuriyada Jabuuti oo iyadna madax deedu aaney sooba hadal qaadin maalintaa taariikhiga ah 26 June……..

la soco qaybaha dambe.





Sawirka Todobaadkan

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How technology can boost accountability in education

This week, as UNESCO’s annual flagship event on ICTs in educationMobile Learning Week, is taking place in Paris, the GEM Report takes a look at the growing interest in the role of technology and big data in facilitating citizen engagement and improving accountability in education.

It is impossible to dispute the importance of accurate education data and information for monitoring commitments to deliver quality, equitable education for all. As a result, governments worldwide are increasingly investing in new technologies and web-based tools to transform education management and delivery systems.

In 2017, for example, the governments of Kenya, India and Pakistan invested in technology to improve information available to decision makers. Proponents have cited the ability of these technologies to assist policy makers to analyze student progress throughout their education trajectories, monitor leakage and fraud, such as ghost teachers and schools, which deprive millions of children worldwide from receiving an education.

The 2017/8 Global Education Monitoring Report Accountability in education: Meeting our commitments highlighted the need for collecting transparent and relevant data about the strengths and weaknesses of education systems to enhance accountability in education. The Report showed that technology creates new possibilities for citizen engagement and access to information via online platforms than ever before, thereby enabling real time feedback and communication between education providers and users. Yet the Report cautions that countries need to be judicious in their use of data, keeping in mind the costs and time needed for data collection, which many low and middle-income countries cannot afford.

The Report showed that ICTs can help make providers accountable through three channels.

The first one is by simply connecting citizens and the government. Widespread, equitable use of information depends on it being relevant, accessible and understandable to target audiences, such as parents or government authorities. Ministry websites, such as Australia’s My School site, introduced in 2010, enables comparisons between similar schools. Similarly, online report cards are critical tools for promoting accountability for schools, districts, and states by publicizing data about student performance and program effectiveness for parents, policy makers, and other stakeholders. Report cards help parents/guardians and the general public see where schools are succeeding and where there is still work to do. Yet, these systems are unlikely to benefit low income populations. The Report shows that the United Republic of Tanzania’s raw data were not widely used, even though they were openly available, because less than 5% of the population had access to internet and the data was not presented in a simplified summary form.

9898029094_d5de57d034_kThe second channel is by measuring performance of frontline providers. Technological advances and improved accessibility of devices, such as cameras, tablets and smartphones have facilitated their use by communities in holding teachers accountable. In Udaipur, India, students used cameras with tamper-proof dates to photograph their teachers at the start and close of the day. Initial research suggested that this, jointly with the financial incentives provided, helped decrease teacher absenteeism. Similarly, a Ugandan project to raise teacher attendance in 180 rural public primary schools distributed mobile phones equipped with software to report teacher absence to education officials. Both examples demonstrate the benefits of technology coupled with citizen participation to address long-standing governance issues in education. Pakistan introduced an innovative project utilizing mobile fingerprint biometrics. The project is funded through the Global Partnership for Education and aligned with the World Bank’s Identification for Development initiative. It relies on mobile biometric identification technology to enroll and verify the identity of over 150,000 Pakistani teachers throughout rural communities.

A third way technology can strengthen accountability in education is by allowing citizens to express themselves by informing about their level of satisfaction of the education services. South Africa’s ‘Fees must fall’ protests – the largest student uprising since 1976 highlights the growing role of social media, to foster accountability, transparency and responsiveness by government. The Twitter hashtag #FeesMustFall trended countrywide, played a central role in the national political discussion and was widely used in mainstream media coverage of the protests. Eventually leading to the Heher Commission into the Feasibility of Fee-Free Higher Education and Training in South Africa.

Underpinning these examples is the notion that the use of ICTs leads to higher citizen involvement in education through more accessible channels of communication between education providers and users, a cornerstone of an accountable education system.

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