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'Hero who told the truth': Chinese rage over coronavirus death of whistleblower doctor

Verna Yu in Hong Kong

The death of a whistleblowing Chinese doctor who was punished for trying to raise the alarm about coronavirus has sparked an explosion of anger, grief and demands for freedom of speech among ordinary Chinese.

Li Wenliang, 34, died in the early hours of Friday local time after he was infected during the fight against the outbreak, said Wuhan central hospital, where he worked, in a statement.

Li warned colleagues on social media in late December about a mysterious virus that would become the coronavirus epidemic and was detained by police in Wuhan on 3 January for “spreading false rumours”. He was forced to sign a police document to admit he has breached the law and has “seriously disrupted social order.”

“They owe you an apology, we owe you our gratitude. Take care, Dr Li,” said a Weibo post from Xiakedao, an account under the overseas edition of Communist Party People’s Daily.

“Good people don’t live long, but evil lives for a thousand years,” said another post mourning Li’s death, with a candle emoji. An image also posted on Weibo showed a message, “farewell Li Wenliang”, carved into the snow on a riverbank in Beijing.

His death crystallised the outrage and frustration felt across China over the initial cover-up of the deadly virus. On Friday, China’s social media was awash with posts expressing immense anger and grief.

Li’s death became the top top-read topic on China’s microblogging site Weibo overnight on Friday, with more than 1.5bn views, and was also heavily discussed in private WeChat messaging groups, where people expressed outrage and sadness.

Even blog posts from state media outlets mourned his death and issued veiled attacks on the Wuhan authorities who censured him.

In Li’s last blog post on Weibo, China’s Twitter like microblog, on 1 February, Li poignantly wrote: “The test results come out positive today. Everything is settled. It is confirmed.”

Li was one of eight people who were detained for “spreading rumours” about the deadly disease’s outbreak – the fates of the other seven, also believed to be medical professionals, are not known.

Images of Li were ubiquitous on Weibo and messaging app WeChat; a last photo of him lying on his hospital bed wearing a breathing mask; a pencil sketch of Li; a photo of the humiliating police warning document on which he signed “I understand” to admit “spreading false rumours” along with images of candles and white flower.

Many posts referenced his “confession”, with people posting photos of themselves wearing surgical masks emblazoned with the words: “I don’t understand”.

The outpouring of grief quickly turned into demands for freedom of speech, but those posts were swiftly censored by China’s cyber police. The trending topic “#we want freedom of speech” had nearly 2m views on Weibo by 5am local time, but was later deleted. It was replaced by #we demand freedom of speech”, which was also censored. The phrase “#Wuhan government owes Dr Li Wenliang an apology” also attracted tens of thousands of views before it too disappeared.

Caixin, a Beijing-based financial publication, posted a black-and-white selfie of Li wearing a mask with the title “A healthy society shouldn’t have just just one voice: Novel Coronavirus whistleblower Li Wenliang dies”.

In its Weibo post, the Economic Observer, a state-affiliated financial newspaper, demanded the vindication of all of the Wuhan “rumour mongers”.

“Dr Li is telling us [through his death] what kind of future we will face if we lose the ability to express ourselves. In the eyes of the people, Dr Li was the hero who bravely told the truth,” the post said. “Wuhan [authorities] should vindicate them and pursue those who abused their powers to suppress the ‘rumour mongers’.”

Elsewhere, posts from ordinary Chinese people continue to direct their outrage towards the authorities.

“You and I both know that the ones who killed were not bats,” said one. “The virus has infiltrated those people high up,” said another. “Those who won’t let you speak won’t let you live either,” fumed another.

Johnny Lau, a veteran China watcher and former journalist at Beijing-backed Wen Wei Po, said Li’s death has become an emotional flashpoint amid the tight control of speech under Xi Jinping’s rule.

“Here is a doctor with a conscience … people on the frontline have been sacrificed but the officials have not been held to account,” he said. “It is an example of how evil has triumphed over the good.” He said the quick deletion of posts demanding speech freedom has aroused further anger.

“The authorities are anxious that his death would trigger a huge wave of anger, so felt the need to maintain stability and suppress people’s voices,” he said. “But this has aroused further pushback.”

Sarah Cook, a senior research analyst and China Media Bulletin Director at Freedom House, said the public outcry over Li looked “widespread and unified”, but it still unclear how big a turning point it could be.

As many inside China seethed, the death toll inside the country passed 630, with more then 31,000 people infected. Another 41 people on a cruise ship quarantined off Yokohama in Japan tested positive for the virus.

Australia became the latest country to advise any citizens inside China to leave as soon as possible. On Friday, North Korea recorded its first confirmed case of the virus.

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Going, going, gong: Johnson lays out EU trade deal demands

Aubrey Allegretti, political reporter

a man wearing a suit and tie: Boris Johnson struck a gong as the UK left the EU at 11pm on Friday. Pic: 10 Downing Street © Other Boris Johnson struck a gong as the UK left the EU at 11pm on Friday. Pic: 10 Downing Street Boris Johnson will roll out the tough talk as he reveals his demands for a post-Brexit trade deal with the EU.

The prime minister is expected to say in his first speech since the UK left the bloc that he wants no alignment between the two sides.

That could mean full customs checks on goods crossing the border into Britain after continuity trade rules stop on 31 December 2020.

Despite the commitment, Mr Johnson will pledge that current standards on food hygiene, workers’ rights and environmental protections will not be lowered.

He is expected to declare on Monday that “no achievement lies beyond our reach” and repeat a pledge to simultaneously make progress on trade deals with other countries including the United States, Australia and Japan.

With the EU, he will announce plans to push for a Canada-style agreement that would scrap most tariffs on goods traded between the two countries while maintaining sovereignty.

But the prime minister will suggest if that does not fly then he will not give concessions to win greater market access and instead pursue a more limited Australia-style deal instead.

A Downing Street source said: “We are fully independent and our approach to a free trade deal will not be bound by our previous obligations.

“Nor will we agree to obligations which the EU has not required of other countries which it has signed comparable free trade deals with.”

As Mr Johnson makes his speech on Monday, Brussels will also publish its negotiating mandate for the next stage of talks which will last up to 11 months.

The EU is pessimistic about the short timetable for reaching a deal and made clear that Britain will have to accept worse terms and conditions for trade than if it were still a member of the EU.

European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen said: “We want to have the best possible relationship with the United Kingdom, but it will never be as good as membership.”

The UK left the EU on Friday and is now in a “transition period” where it remains in the single market and customs union, follows EU law and continues paying into its budget.

This will end on 31 December 2020.


Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia leaders meet in Asmara

By Jerry Omondi – January 26, 2020 0 4615

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (R), Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki (C) and Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo pose for a picture in Asmara, Eritrea on January 26, 2020./ PHOTO Courtesy: Abiy Ahmed – Twitter

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo are in Eritrea for talks with President Isaias Afwerki aimed at strengthening ties in the Horn of African region.

The three are due to hold talks in Asmara on a “wide range of issues.”

“I will be meeting with my brothers, the leaders of Eritrea and Somalia. President Isaias Afwerki, President Mohammed Abdullahi and I will discuss on a wide range of issues. As always, I am certain our dear and welcoming city of Asmara will make our stay delightful,” PM Abiy said on Twitter.

Relations between Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea have continued to grow since PM Abiy rose to power in March 2018.

Since taking over the Prime Minister’s position, Abiy made peace with Eritrea to end years of conflict, a feat that earned him worldwide praise and contributed to his Nobel Peace Prize win in 2019.

The Ethiopian leader has met with President Afwerki severally both in Addis Ababa and in Asmara.

Source: CGTN



General Guulwade waxaa uu ku jeesjeeshayaa dambiyo dagaal oo ay ahayd in lagu qaado isaga iyo kuwo kale oo badan balse dawlada federalka ee Somaliya waxay sii holcinayaa nabaro dhiigii ka da’aayo oo hayadiihii la xisaabtami lahaa guulwade iyo qayrkiisa iyagu isku maqan sida xisbiyada guuldareystey ee UCID IYO WADANI HAKANA REEBIN KULMIYE SADDEX AAN IS DHAAMIN IGA DHEH!


Boris, Carrie and me: Nimco Ali on having the Prime Minister’s ear

Nimco Ali is an FGM activist, Tory campaigner — and third wheel to the PM and his girlfriend. She talks to Susannah Butter about race, being a ‘weirdo misfit’, and Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina candle

Nimco Ali
Nimco Ali ( Natasha Pszenicki )

Nimco Ali admits she is not a typical Tory campaigner. “Because I’m black, people were surprised to see me on their doorsteps there telling them to vote Conservative,” she says. “They were so polite to me whereas the white campaigners got s**t.”

Ali, 36, arrived in Britain aged four as a refugee from Somalia. She describes her job as “chief fanny defender”, and was awarded an OBE last year for her work to end female genital mutilation (FGM), which was inflicted on her when she was seven. She’s Muslim and defiantly non-partisan — she grew up supporting Labour, stood as a Women’s Equality Party candidate in 2017 and although she counts the Prime Minster and his partner Carrie Symonds as friends, she voted Green in the last general election. What does Boris Johnson make of this? “He knows. I’ve told people in the Conservative Party and no one called me a traitor as they would’ve on the Left. I voted Green because I wanted to take away from a Labour majority.”

Despite being worn out from a combination of her new intermittent fasting diet and London Marathon training, Ali is forthright, fearless company. She jokes she is “the weirdo misfit” that Johnson’s adviser Dominic Cummings said he wanted in the civil service: “I feel seen.”

Within five minutes of meeting we cover her love life (she wants to go on a blind date but not with a “Corbyn-y woke boy”), the mayoral race (she’s disparaging about Sadiq Khan), and Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina-scented candle (“I hope she gets thrush from messing around with vaginas, she’s freaking people out about them, which makes my job stopping FGM harder.”) She fawns over a picture she’s been sent of Zac Goldsmith entering the House of Lords — she pronounces him “cute” in ermine. He’s a friend and made her the necklace she’s wearing “with his own fair hands”: a gold cheetah like those they rescued together in Somaliland. Before I can suggest she dates someone like him she says: “He’s not my type, he’s more like my brother.” Read more Londoner’s Diary: Nimco Ali can’t fly despite friends in high places

Ali’s life has been shaped by a chance encounter with Boris Johnson in 2011. They have what has been called one of the strangest relationships in Westminster. She had been trying to put FGM on the political agenda without much luck until she bumped into him in Putney. “He was posing for selfies so I went up with my Sainsbury’s bags and asked if we could talk about FGM. From that day he listened. He didn’t ask vulgar questions, just asked what he could do.”

That meeting led to Johnson setting up a  violence against women and girls board and including FGM in that. Will he continue the good work as PM? “Yes. Empowering women and girls is at the forefront of the Government’s agenda and we have an opportunity to end FGM by 2030. Boris Johnson gets it.”

Post-election, he and Symonds “can finally unpack their boxes” at Downing Street. “Carrie has incredible taste,” says Ali. “Her flat in Camberwell was impeccable. She has an eye for style and detail and makes you feel welcome, putting up photos that remind you of times together.” So what can we expect at No 11? “Theresa May had a Grenfell record on the wall signed by Stormzy. I’m not sure if that will still be there. I don’t think much else will change. British stately buildings are tacky. They have plastic flowers at Clarence House, why?” Her admiration for Symonds goes beyond interior design. “The resurgence of me doing more on FGM was meeting Carrie.” They bonded when Symonds was running Zac Goldsmith’s winning 2017 campaign to be MP for Richmond Park and have supported each other since: while Symonds successfully challenged the release of taxi driver and sexual offender John Worboys, who targeted her; and at her first public outing as Johnson’s partner, when Ali held her hand.

Squad goals: Ali with Carrie Symonds in September 2018 (Twitter)

“Carrie is an amazing woman. Her activism is one of the things I respect. We became close after the Worboys campaign. I understand how much it takes to campaign about something you have personally experienced. We had a conversation about how FGM doesn’t define me, but if out of my experience I can make the world a better place that’s good, and if it wasn’t for her Worboys would be out on the streets.” Symonds’s dog Dilyn joined them canvassing. He is “a good egg”, says Ali, adding mischievously: “even though, being Somali, I always say animals should either be on a plate or outside.”

She’s diplomatic about Johnson’s personal life — his divorce from QC Marina Wheeler is still being finalised. “As long as you’re not a murderer it’s none of my business. That’s how I deal with the people I work with.” What does she make of Johnson’s comment that women in burkas were like letterboxes? “I’m not here to defend him but he wrote that as a columnist and their job is to provoke. An article that no one has read is not more damning than all the men who perpetrate violence in the name of my religion.” Her sister-in-law wears a burka and Ali teases her about it, “I tell her, ‘Did I see you yesterday or was that just another woman in a burka, I don’t know what you guys look like?’”

She continues, explaining her relationship with the Prime Minister: “Had the Labour Party been willing to take action I would have worked with them but they aren’t entitled to my vote. If you have been ignored for 20 years and then someone listens to you, that matters.” Keir Starmer is her favourite to win the Labour leadership race although she texted Jess Phillips to wish her good luck. “If I’d tweeted it may have done more harm than good.”

Travel buddies: Nimco Ali and Carrie Symonds in Somaliland in October 2018 (Twitter)

After we meet news breaks about the case of girls who were groomed by gangs of predominantly south Asian men in Manchester. Ali calls me to talk about it. “It shows the problem we face. These white working-class girls were from Labour constituencies where votes from ethnic minorities meant more than the girls. Labour won’t risk losing votes from South Asian communities by taking action on grooming gangs.”

A year ago Ali set up The Five Foundation, a global partnership to end FGM by 2030. Next month it is hosting a film screening of Jaha’s Promise, about a Gambian anti-FGM campaigner, at Wild by Tart in Victoria. At the Government’s UK-Africa Investment Summit in London yesterday, Ali represented the foundation. “Progress was stalled before the election. Not that Brexit held back women’s rights, but people being tribal did. Alok Sharma, head of Dfid, is amazing and one of the first things he said was, ‘Let’s get on with it, let’s deliver for vulnerable people. Even Jacob Rees-Mogg understands. And Priti Patel. If I have kids I want them to be as ballsy as her.”

This year she will take the fight to the US with her foundation: “I want to meet Ivanka Trump. She is doing amazing work on female economic empowerment. She understands it because her mother worked her way up.”

The one person she’s struck off her list is Meghan Markle. “We were going to meet on International Women’s Day but I don’t know now. Harry should have told his grandmother they were leaving the royal family before he told the whole world — that will break a granny’s heart.” She’s friendly with Prince Charles. “When I got my OBE my niece asked why I was talking to him for so long. That moment when the next king remembered my face and asked if we were winning the war on FGM, I felt like I was getting somewhere.”

Source: Evening Standard


Somaliland: UK Envoy Optimistic on Resolving NEC Deadlock, Expedited Elections


(MENAFN – Somali Land Sun) Somalilandsun- Upon his recent visit to Hargeisa the United Kingdom envoy to Somaliland and Somalia Ambassador Ben Fender revealed optimism for the country.

The British envoy that met and held talks with president Muse Bihi, opposition parties of Wadani and UCID chiefs, elders’ mediation committee and Non State Actors wrote in his official twitter account

UK Diplomats with Somaliland President Bihi in Hargeisa

Quote- Seeing old friends in Hargeisa. Positive talks on elections (and much else!) with the President, opposition, Chief Justice, Mediation Cttee and civil society. Clear that there is very wide support for the Cottee’s proposals. Hope all sides can help turn them into reality. Unquote

The envoy who also visited the marginalized Gaboye Clan in Dami estate Hargeisa had this to say in the same twitter account

Quote- Listening to elders and young people from the Gaboye community in Dami, Hargeisa. A humbling reminder of the hardships faced by some minorities, their resilience and desire to contribute, and the need for truly inclusive development.-Unquote

UK Diplomats Stuart Brown, Amb Fender with Somaliland elections elders mediation team in Hargeisa

Ambassador Ben Fender was accompanied in all his functions in Hargeisa by his embassy’s senior representative in Somaliland Stuart Brown.

Despite the optimism by the UK diplomat on final resolution of the election dispute courtesy of a contested National elections commission composition just as other foreign diplomats especially from the wrest have done the situation remains bleak.

UK envoy to Somaliland and Somalia Ben Fender with Gaboye children in Hargeisa


sources :MENAFN


Somalia: international partners welcome agreement between the Federal government and Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama’a (ASWJ)

Source: British Embassy Mogadishu | 7 hours ago

The partners believe the agreement is an important step towards establishing a unified and stable administration in Galmudug

MOGADISHU, Somalia, January 7, 2020/APO Group/ —

Somalia’s international partners welcome the statements by the Federal government of Somalia and the leadership of Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama’a (ASWJ) issued on 12 December.

We encourage all concerned to continue their efforts and underscore the importance of an inclusive process that reflects the aspirations of all the communities of Galmudug

We appreciate the tireless efforts made by the Federal government of Somalia, ASWJ leadership and other concerned stakeholders to resolve points of difference through dialogue and compromise.

We believe this is an important step towards establishing a unified and stable administration in Galmudug, which will be essential in order to advance Somalia’s national priorities for 2020.

We encourage all concerned to continue their efforts and underscore the importance of an inclusive process that reflects the aspirations of all the communities of Galmudug, and that results in a fair, credible and transparent outcome that is acceptable to the people of Galmudug.

Joint International partners statement : African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), Canada, Denmark, European Union, Ethiopia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), Kenya, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Uganda, United Kingdom, United Nations and United States.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of British Embassy Mogadishu.


Somali National Army Personnel graduate from UK led training in Baidoa

British Embassy Mogadishu

Source: British Embassy Mogadishu |

The course forms part of the UK’s ongoing commitment to bring peace and security to the region

MOGADISHU, Somalia, August 30, 2019/APO Group/ —

This month, the Somali National Army celebrated the graduation of a further 98 soldiers from British military training in Baidoa, the capital of Southwest State in Somalia.

The UK has built a training centre in Baidoa, including a state-of-the-art firing range that was opened by Southwest State’s President, Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed Laftagareen, and the UK’s Africa Minister, Andrew Stephenson, on 21 August. Construction of 450 barracks for the Somali army has just started on the same site.

The 16-week training, involving a mix of theory and practical lessons, covered defensive positions, vehicle check points, dealing with improvised explosive devices, first aid, safe weapon handling and leadership.

The UK training has already shown its value. Attacks in Baidoa have fallen since the Somali army built defensive positions around the city as part of their course, and some of those on the course used their new skills in a successful attack against Al Shabaab in the area of Daynunay this month.

We need to stay the course, but over the last year, Somalia has made real progress towards building its future army, and in conducting operations

Speaking during the graduation ceremony, the Commander of British Forces in Somalia, Colonel JL Baynham, said:

“The training is being delivered by highly experienced specialists. It’s focused on building really strong infantry skills, which are what the Somali army most needs to defeat Al Shabaab. The Somali soldiers are very able and keen to learn. We are already seeing the benefits, for the individuals, their units and the security of the area”.

The British Ambassador to Somalia, Ben Fender, said:

“The Somalis are working to improve security after decades of conflict and terrorism. The UK is a major partner and the only country providing military training outside Mogadishu. Baidoa is a vital location in the fight against Al Shabaab. We need to stay the course, but over the last year, Somalia has made real progress towards building its future army, and in conducting operations. We’re delighted to support that”

The course is part of an on-going programme of support to the Somali National Army’s 60 Division. Graduates will now receive additional medical, planning and command training.

The UK has delivered training to over 900 members of the Somali National Army since January 2017. The focus has been on medical skills, leadership development, intelligence, equipment care, logistics and the rule of law.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of British Embassy Mogadishu


No guarantee terrorists can be cured, says UK's top deradicalisation psychologist

by Andy Wells

a man wearing a uniform and holding a gun: Armed policeman standing guard outside the Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London England

Armed policeman standing guard outside the Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London England

One of Britain’s top psychologists has warned that it can never be certain that terrorists can be “cured” in any deradicalisation programme.

Christopher Dean said some terror offenders who take part in his Healthy Identity Intervention (HII) scheme appear to regress due to complex reasons such as who they mix with.

Mr Dean’s comments come after HII participant Usman Khan stabbed two people to death near London Bridge on November 29.

Khan was a convicted terrorist who had been a member of an al Qaida-inspired group that plotted to blow up the London Stock Exchange.

The HII scheme involves offenders like Khan attending sessions with a psychologist who encourage them to talk about their motivations, beliefs, identity and relationship with society.

Former senior Home Office official Ian Acheson said attention was drawn to shortcomings of the HII programme in 2016.

a man looking at the camera: This undated photo provided by West Midlands Police shows Usman Khan. UK counterterrorism police are searching for clues into an attack that left two people dead and three injured near London Bridge. Police said Saturday, Nov. 30, 2019, Khan, who was imprisoned six years for terrorism offenses before his release last year stabbed several people in London on Friday, Nov. 29, before being tackled by members of the public and shot dead by officers on the London Bridge. (West Midlands Police via AP)

© Provided by Yahoo! News UK This undated photo provided by West Midlands Police shows Usman Khan. UK counterterrorism police are searching for clues into an attack that left two people dead and three injured near London Bridge. Police said Saturday, Nov. 30, 2019, Khan, who was imprisoned six years for terrorism offenses before his release last year stabbed several people in London on Friday, Nov. 29, before being tackled by members of the public and shot dead by officers on the London Bridge. (West Midlands Police via AP)

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Mr Dean said individuals can both progress and regress under healthy identity intervention.

“Sometimes people move up two rungs, sometimes individuals may say I’ve had my doubts about this or that and they may be willing to speak to people, but equally they may go down rungs as well.

“They may come into contact with individuals, they may go through a spell in life where they may feel let’s say aggrieved again, where they may begin to re-engage with groups or causes or ideologies associated with their offending behaviour,” he said.

Mr Dean said some offenders he worked with needed 20 or more sessions to show signs of positive change.

He added: “We see some individuals who may have been part of a group for many years or have been invested or identified with the cause for many years. [Leaving that group] is an incredibly difficult thing to do.”

Warning that there is no guarantee of success, Mr Dean went on: “I don’t think you can ever be sure that that’s occurred. I think you can get increasing evidence over time and particularly behaviourally when people begin to behave in different ways and that’s consistent over time and in different places.

a sign in front of a building: File photo dated 02/12/19 of tributes to Cambridge University graduates Jack Merritt, 25, and Saskia Jones, 23, on London Bridge, who were both stabbed to death by 28-year-old convicted terrorist Usman Khan during a prisoner rehabilitation event they were supporting in London on Friday. Inquests into the deaths of the London Bridge terror attack victims will be opened at the Old Bailey.

© Provided by Yahoo! News UK File photo dated 02/12/19 of tributes to Cambridge University graduates Jack Merritt, 25, and Saskia Jones, 23, on London Bridge, who were both stabbed to death by 28-year-old convicted terrorist Usman Khan during a prisoner rehabilitation event they were supporting in London on Friday. Inquests into the deaths of the London Bridge terror attack victims will be opened at the Old Bailey.

“People can get more reassured and confident about change and progress that people are making, but yeah, I think we have to be very careful about saying someone has totally changed or has been cured.”

Mr Dean added that he would have a “healthy scepticism” of the notion that there is a perfect system to deradicalise terrorists.

He said: “I think we need to be careful about suggesting that interventions in themselves are the solution or the only solution or psychology is, but I think it’s about continuing to work together in our learning…

“I think we must accept that there may be a small number of people who are potentially ideologically bulletproof and do not wish to recant their hateful views and we must actually start looking at them through the lens of public protection and national security rather than perhaps create unrealistic expectations of rehabilitation.”

Khan killed two people and injured three others in a knife rampage before being shot dead by police in November.

He had been released from prison on licence in December 2018, by which time Khan reportedly appeared to be responding to rehabilitation.

Source: msn



Marwo Adna waxaa ay ku suntan tahay Fikir saxa iyo aragti dheer oo cilmi ku dhisan,xaqiiqo,waayo aragnimo iyo talo gal. Waana sax warkeedu waana mid ay ku matelyo dalkeeda Somaliland.


Two men die in separate North London stabbing incidents

Seth Jacobson

a man in a yellow shirt: Police said one man was pronounced dead at the scene - PA

© JOE GIDDENS/PA Police said one man was pronounced dead at the scene – PA

Two men have died in separate stabbing incidents in north London.

In the first incident, officers were called to Bromley Road, in Walthamstow, in the north-east of the capital, at 7.16pm on Thursday after reports of a fight. They discovered two men suffering from stab injuries when they arrived alongside the London Ambulance Service.

One man in his 20s was pronounced dead at the scene and police are in the process of informing his next of kin. The second man – also thought to be in his 20s – was taken to hospital where his condition is not thought to be life-threatening.

A man has been arrested in connection with the incident.

An hour later, police were called to an incident at the Barnet A1 bypass near Scratchwood Park. A man in his 20s with stab wounds was found and subsequently taken to hospital.

While searching a nearby car, police discovered another man, believed to be in his 30s, with multiple stab wounds. Despite treatment from paramedics, he died a short time later.

An eyewitness told MyLondon news site that they had seen more than 10 police vehicles at the scene, where a forensic tent had been set up.

Police are asking anyone with information about either incident to call them on 101 quoting CAD reference 6838/Dec19 for Walthamstow or 7486/19DEC for Barnet. Anyone wishing to remain remain anonymous should call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Police also urged young people with information about violence or knife crime to visit where they can pass on information anonymously to a charity that is independent of the police.

Source:mns news


SAWIRO Taliyaha Ciidanka Booliska oo Musuqmaasuq baahsan ka bilaabay CID.

Taliyahaasi ay sheegayaan waa ka Somaliya ee sidaa ula socda

Sunday December 15, 2019 – 19:24:32

by Xaaji Faysal

Dadka ayaa saf dheer u gala in la’ sawiro sida aad ku aragtaan Sawirka kore,

Taliyaha Ciidanka Booliska soomaaliyeed Cabdi Xasan Maxamed Xijaar ayaa Xarunta CID ka dhex furtay Foto si qasab ah loogu sawiro dadka doonaya inay samaystaan warqada dambi la`aanta ee lagu sameeyo CID.

Footada oo uu u bixiyey Safaari ayaa ah qol jiingad ah oo uu ka dhex dhistay Xarunta CID waxaana qofkii la sawirayo laga qaadaa lacag dhan 3 Dollar halka Footooyinka Magaalada ay qaataan 1 Dollar sida ay ii xaqiijiyeen dad kala duwan oo warqada dambi la`aanta ka doontay CID.

waxaa lagu qasbay dadka inaysan iska soo sawirin meel kale, waxaana dhacday in dad badan laga jeexjeexay Sawiradii ay wateen laguna qasaby inay iska dhex sawiraan Footada Taliyaha Booliska ayuu ii sheegay qof magaciisa sababo jira awgeed u codasady inaan magaciisa la xusin.

sababo jira awgeed u codasady inaan magaciisa la xusin.

Sawirada Laga soo qaato Footada Taliyaha Waxaa lagu soo ridayaa Baqshad uu ku dhegan yahay Tiimbaraha ama Shaabada Footada sida sawirka kore idin kaga muuqata,

Dadka ayaa saf dheer u gala in la sawiro sida aad ku aragtaan Sawirka kore, waxaana ay dhibaato ku qabaan in safka dheer iyo lacag qaaliga ah ee Footada Taliye Xijaar ee sida sandulaha ah loogu sawiro.

dhinaca kale waxaa jira Maqaayad laga dhex furay Xarunta CID lana sheegay inuu wax ku leeyahay Taliye Xijaar inkastoo dadka warqadaha u doonta CID aan lagu qasbin inay ka quraacdaan ama ay ka qadeeyaan haddii ay doonayaan in warqada ay helaan, waana wax dhici kara in dadka lagu qasbo cuntada Maqaayadaa, walow arinta maqaayada aysan dadku dhibaato aysan ka sheegan.

Xildhibaanada Baarlamaanka ayaa laga doonayaa inay arintan baaritaan ku sameeyaan oo shacabkii ay metalayeen ay ka dul qaadaan Ganacasigan musuqmusaaquqa ah ee awooda ku salaysan ee uu Taliyaha Booliska Soomaaliyeed Cabdi Xasan Maxamed Xijaar ka bilaabay CID.


Faalo Kooban

Waxaa aan la yaabay warkan ku soo baxay ,ee Somaliyadii inoo xayeysiinayeen ee ay ina lahaayeen xafiis dhalinyarada Somaliland qaabilsan baa laga furey soo kuwan hadana naleh dadka ayaa xitaa cuntada iyo sawirada waraaqalaha dawlada lagu dhejinayo ayaa qasab laga iibiyaa.Somaliya oo mucaawimadii caalamka la iskugu geeyey ayaa hadana dadkii lagu dhiigmiiranayaa oo lagu dulaynayaa ninkii Konfurdoonayow nimco Somaliland bay taala oo lawada lee yahay .


Joint statement on delays to Somaliland parliamentary and local council elections

World news story

International partners signed a joint statement on delays to parliamentary and local council elections in Somaliland.Published 27 November 2019 From: British Embassy Mogadishu


The below statement was signed by United Nations, IGAD, European Union, United States of America, Germany, United Kingdom, Norway, Ireland, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Finland, France, Italy, Greece, Switzerland.

We, the undersigned international partners of Somaliland, recall the significant agreement between political parties in July 2019 which recognised the “critical importance of holding the long due Parliamentary and Local Council Elections” and “agreed to hold the elections as soon as they will be politically and technically possible”. We are concerned that events have significantly undermined these commitments to the detriment of Somaliland’s democratic credentials and international standing. Likewise, we are deeply concerned by instances of seemingly arbitrary detentions and by increased restrictions on freedom of expression.

We are especially concerned by the decision of the Guurti to extend both House of Representatives and Guurti’s mandates to January 2022 and January 2023 respectively. Both Houses, established to represent the women and men of Somaliland, have been sitting for a period much too long by any democratic standards. Local councils have been operating without a democratic mandate since April 2019.

We therefore call on the government and all political actors to reaffirm, through both words and deeds, the long-standing culture of mutual agreement, consensus and compromise, to find a way through this current impasse in order for both parliamentary and local elections to take place without any further delay, well before the end of the calendar year 2020. As long-standing partners for the progress of Somaliland during the last 25 years, we praise the ongoing local mediation efforts and underline that for us to support the electoral process, it must promote political inclusiveness and the full respect of the law. As a solid foundation of such a process, there needs to be an Electoral Commission that inspires broad trust from all political actors as well as from the citizens of Somaliland.

Only strong, democratically elected institutions can deliver the development outcomes that the people of Somaliland deserve. This is also what we as partners expect from our cooperation with Somaliland.


Dhaxal Sugaha Imaaraadka Oo Booqday Gabadh Yar Oo Lagu Dhaleeceeyey Markii Uu Salaan Ka Qaadi Waayey

Dhaxal Sugaha Imaaraadka Oo Booqday Gabadh Yar Oo Lagu Dhaleeceeyey Markii Uu Salaan Ka Qaadi Waayey

Baraha bulshada ee dalka Imaaraatka Carabta iyo guud ahaan dalalka Carabta ayaa waxaa saacadihii lasoo dhaafay qabsaday gabar yar oo aad uga qalbi jabtay dhaxal sugaha Imaaraatka, Maxamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, kadib markii ay gacanta u taagta, si ay u salaamto, kadibna uu isaga dhaqaaqay.

Maxamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan oo xiligaas dalkiisa kusoo dhaweynayay dhaxal sugaha dalka Sacuudiga, Maxamed Bin Salmaan ayaa waxaa soo dhaweyntiisa ka qeybqaatay dad ay u badan yihiin caruur saf la geliyay, waxaana dhaxal suge Maxamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan uu salamaay inta badan caruurtii safka ku jirtay ee diyaarka u ahayd soo dhaweynta wafdiga Sacuudiga, balse aakhirka safka, waxaa uu ka tegay in uu salaamo gabar yar oo gacanta usoo taagtay.

Muuqaal laga duubay dhaxal sugaha oo sii dhaafay gabadha yar oo gacanta haadineysa ayaa qabsaday baraha bulshada ee dalkaas, waxaana dad badan ay hogaamiyaha ku canaanteen sababta uu u salaami waayay ilmaha yar ee gacanta usoo taagay.

Gabadha yar oo lagu magacaabo Aisha Maxamed Masheet Al Mazroui ayaa u muuqatay in ay aad u dooneysay in ay salaanto dhaxal sugaha, balse markiiba waxay dib ula laabatay gacanteeda iyadoo aad uga niyad jabsan.

Hasayeeshee markii muuqaalka gabadha yar ee salaanta seegtay uu baraha bulshada qabsaday, dad badan waxaa ay bilaabeen olole ay ku dalbanayaan sababta uu Maxamed Bin Zayed u salaami waayay gabadha yar ee sida niyad samida leh u dooneysay in ay salaanto.

Saacado kadib, dhaxal suge Maxamed Bin Zayed ayaa waxaa uu arkay sida dadka baraha bulshada ay uga falceliyeen gabadha yar ee ka qalbi jabtay in uu salaami waayay, waxaana maalin kadib uu booqday guriga ay degan yihiin qoyska gabadha yar, isagoona ka raaligeliyay wixii dhacay oo uu sheegay in uusan u qasdin.

Maxamed Bin Zayed ayaa markii uu galay albaabka guriga Aisha Maxamed Masheet, waxaa uu ka dhuunkaday dhabanada iyo wajiga, waana uu salaamay isagoo u muuqday qof aad ugu faraxsan la kulanka gabadhaas yar.

Muuqaaladii laga soo qaaday dhaxal sugaha Imaaraatka oo la kulmay gabadha yar ayaa markale qabsaday baraha bulshada ee dalalka Carabta, waxaana dad badan ay ku bogaadiyeen sida uu u tixgeliyay rajada gabadha yar ee dooneysay in ay salaanto.




hogaanka media group waxay halbalyo u dirayaan Suldaanka Cusub ee Beesha Makaahiil Isaxaaq ee Degaanka Somalida Ethiopia oo Maanta oo taariikdu tahay 5/12/2019 Lagu Caleemo Saarey DABEYL WEYNE oo Ka tirsan Degmada XARSHIN


Iran Is Secretly Moving Missiles Into Iraq, U.S. Officials Say

The buildup of a hidden arsenal of short-range missiles is the latest sign that American efforts to deter Iran have largely failed.

American officials said that Iran had capitalized on unrest in Iraq, where protesters demonstrated this week in Basra.
American officials said that Iran had capitalized on unrest in Iraq, where protesters demonstrated this week in Basra.Credit…Essam Al-Sudani/Reuters

By Julian E. Barnes and Eric Schmitt

  • Dec. 4, 2019

WASHINGTON — Iran has used the continuing chaos in Iraq to build up a hidden arsenal of short-range ballistic missiles in Iraq, part of a widening effort to try to intimidate the Middle East and assert its power, according to American intelligence and military officials.

The buildup comes as the United States has rebuilt its military presence in the Middle East to counter emerging threats to American interests, including attacks on oil tankers and facilities that intelligence officials have blamed on Iran. Since May, the Trump administration has sent roughly 14,000 additional troops to the region, primarily to staff Navy ships and missile defense systems.

But new intelligence about Iran’s stockpiling of missiles in Iraq is the latest sign that the Trump administration’s efforts to deter Tehran by increasing the American military presence in the Middle East has largely failed.

The missiles pose a threat to American allies and partners in the region, including Israel and Saudi Arabia, and could endanger American troops, the intelligence officials said.

Both Iran and Iraq have been gripped in recent weeks by sometimes violent public protests. In Iraq, some are protesting against Iranian influence.

Iraqis “do not want to be led around on a leash by the Iranians,” Representative Elissa Slotkin, Democrat of Michigan and a member of the House Armed Services Committee, said in an interview. “But, unfortunately, due to the chaos and confusion in the Iraqi central government, Iran is paradoxically the best poised to take advantage of the grass-roots unrest.”

Iranian officials did not return a request for comment.

Tehran is engaged in a shadow war, striking at countries in the Middle East but thinly disguising the origin of those attacks to reduce the chance of provoking a response or escalating the fight, military and intelligence officials said.

An arsenal of missiles outside its borders gives advantages to the Iranian government, military and paramilitary in any standoff with the United States and its regional allies. If the United States or Israel were to bomb Iran, its military could use missiles hidden in Iraq to strike back against Israel or a gulf country. The mere existence of those weapons could also help deter attacks.

Intelligence officials would not discuss the precise model of ballistic missile Iran has sneaked into Iraq. But short-range missiles have a range of just over 600 miles, meaning that one fired from the outskirts of Baghdad could strike Jerusalem.The Iran Cables: Secret Documents Show How Tehran Wields Power in IraqHundreds of leaked intelligence reports shed light on a shadow war for regional influence — and the battles within the Islamic Republic’s own spy divisions

American intelligence officials first warned about new Iranian missiles in Iraq last year, and Israel launched an airstrike aimed at destroying the hidden Iranian weaponry. But since then, American officials have said the threat is growing, with new ballistic missiles being secretly moved in.

Officials said Iran was using Iraqi Shiite militias, many of which it has long supplied and controlled, to move and hide the missiles. The Iranian-backed militias have effectively taken control of a number roads, bridges and transportation infrastructure in Iraq, easing Tehran’s ability to sneak the missiles into the country, officials said.

“People are not paying enough attention to the fact that ballistic missiles in the last year have been placed in Iraq by Iran with the ability to project violence on the region,” said Ms. Slotkin, an expert on Shiite militias who recently visited Baghdad to meet with Iraqi and American officials.

Ms. Slotkin pressed Iraqi leaders on the threat from Iran, telling them that if Iran launched a missile from Iraqi territory, it could threaten the American training effort in Iraq and other support from the United States.

The United States was concerned about potential Iranian aggression in the near future, John C. Rood, an under secretary of defense, told reporters on Wednesday, but he provided no details about what prompted officials’ concerns. CNN reported on Tuesday about American intelligence officials warning about new threats by Iran against American forces in the Middle East.

Tensions in the Persian Gulf have risen since attacks on oil tankers this spring, including off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, as well as a major drone and missile strike on Saudi oil fields in September. The Trump administration and European allies have blamed Iran, which has denied responsibility for the attacks.

Mr. Trump opted against a military strike in response to those attacks, but has authorized the United States Cyber Command to strike targets in Iran, although military and intelligence officials have said such electronic attacks are unlikely to deter Tehran.

Last year, Reuters reported that Iran had moved ballistic missiles into Iraq. In a public report released last month, the Defense Intelligence Agency reported that Iran’s ballistic missiles were “a primary component of its strategic deterrent.”

Tehran has been building up its arsenal to better dissuade the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia from attacking.

While decades of international sanctions have weakened the Iranian military, the agency’s report said Iran had invested in its domestic infrastructure, allowing it to continue to develop capable cruise and ballistic missiles.

In the strike in September, Iran used sophisticated cruise missiles to attack Saudi oil facilities and disguise, at least for a time, where the strike originated. Those missiles were fired from Iran, but flew around the northern Persian Gulf before striking their targets.

Positioning missiles in Iraq as well as in Iran would further allow the Iranian government to create initial doubts about an attack’s origins. Obscuring responsibility, if only for a short time, is a key part of Iran’s hybrid war strategy, in which it tries to keep its adversaries off balance and pressure them without prompting a larger crisis or even war.

Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr., the head of the military’s Central Command, has said that he does not think that the American defensive buildup has deterred Tehran. Last month, he said that he expected Iran to try to mount additional attacks in the region.

General McKenzie added in a later interview, “It’s the trajectory and the direction that they’re on.”



United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) welcomes Somalia’s ratification of the Kampala Convention

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Source: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) |

The move is a significant milestone for Somalia, which has the fourth largest population of internally displaced people in the world, estimated at over 2.6 million individuals

Somalia’s ratification of a key convention to protect internally displaced people in Africa is a landmark achievement for the country and the African continent, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, said today.

The ratification of the Kampala Convention cements the Government’s commitment to the millions of highly vulnerable internally displaced people living in Somalia

The African Union (AU) Convention for the Protection and Assistance of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in Africa, known as the Kampala Convention, was signed on 26 November 2019 by Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, “Farmaajo”, after being passed with a near-unanimous vote by parliament last week. Somalia is the 30th African Union Member State to ratify the convention since 2009.

“The ratification of the Kampala Convention cements the Government’s commitment to the millions of highly vulnerable internally displaced people living in Somalia, and to finding solutions for the issue of displacement,” said UNHCR Somalia Representative, Johann Siffointe. “Today, Somalia serves as a regional model for others to follow, and UNHCR is eager to continue supporting the government in implementing its treaty obligations.”

The move is a significant milestone for Somalia, which has the fourth largest population of internally displaced people in the world, estimated at over 2.6 million individuals. In 2019 alone, over 665,000 people have been forced to flee their homes due to floods, conflict and drought. Serious protection challenges faced by IDPs include inadequate shelter, poor sanitation, insecurity, threats of evictions and gender-based violence.

The Kampala Convention was adopted in 2009 by Africa’s 55 states. It is the world’s first and only regional legally binding instrument for the protection and assistance of IDPs, who often face heightened risks, violations and sexual violence because of their displacement, while they struggle to access their rights and basic protection. They often remain in dire need of humanitarian assistance.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).


German city declares ‘Nazi emergency’ as far-right violence and extremism increases

Jimmy Nsubuga,Yahoo News UK

CORRECTS CITY TO DRESDEN -- Police officers secure a synagogue in Dresden, Germany, Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2019. One or more gunmen fired several shots on Wednesday in the German city of Halle. Police say a person has been arrested after a shooting that left two people dead. (Robert Michael/dpa via AP)
Police officers secure a synagogue in Dresden, after two people were gunned down in Halle in a anti-Semitic attack (Picture: AP)

A German city has officially declared a “Nazi emergency” after seeing an increase in far-right extremism.

Councillors in Dresden said they passed the resolution to protect minorities against dangerous views and rising violence.

Officials became uneasy when far-right groups like PEGIDA and Alternative for Germany gained more support in the city, Deutsche Welle reported.

Die Partei councillor Max Aschenbach, whose party brought forward the resolution, said: “We have a Nazi problem in Dresden and have to do something about it.”

He added in an interview with the BBC: “‘Nazinotstand’ means – similar to the climate emergency – that we have a serious problem. The open democratic society is threatened.”

People carry a sign reading
A PEGIDA rally in Dresden (Picture: AP)

The resolution won cross-party support, with members of the Greens, Left Party, Social Democrats and Free Democrats backing it.

The policy statement said: “Anti-democratic, anti-pluralist, misanthropic and right-wing extremist attitudes and actions, including violence in Dresden, are occurring with increasing frequency”.


Wasiiro Ka Tirsan Xukuumada Oo Wali Ku Hawlan Xal U Helida Shaqaaqo Ka Taagan Salel

Thursday October 31, 2019 by G. Good

Guddidan wasiirrada ah oo uu hogaaminayo wasiirka wasaaradda horumarinta Biyaha Saleban Yuusuf Cali Koore, ayaa kulan foolka fool ah oo ka dhacay geed hoostii isugu keenay Xidheyaasha labada dhinac ee ay dhibaabadu ku dhex martay, deegaanka Wada-jir ee gobolka Selel, waxaana goob-joog ka ahaa Badhasaabka Gobolkaasi Selel

Shirkan ayaa labada dhinac loogu jeediyey hadallo isugu jiro mahad-naq, waano iyo wacad xidh nabaddeed. Odayaasha labada dhinac ayaa dhankooda balanqaaday inay u hogaansamayaan qorshaha nabadeynta.

“Waxaan anigu u kacay laba qodob dhinaca dhibgeystaha waxaan leeyahay waar wixii dhibgeyste lagu yaqaaney ayaa maanta madashaasi lagaga fadhiya ee halaaga helo, dhinaca dhibanahana waxaan leeyahay, walaalkayow culeys ayaa kugu dhacay adna wixii dhibane lagu yaqaaney ee tanaasul lahaa ee xurmolahaa, ee dulqaadasho-laha adna halagaa hello”ayuu yidhi gudoomiyaha gobolka Selel Mawliid Maxamed.

Wasiirka Wasaaradda horumarinta Beeraha Axmed Muumin Seed oo isna madasha ka hadlay ayaa yidhi “Waxaa madaxweynaha iyo ku xigeenkiisu ay noo soo direen in arrintaasi xalkeeda iyo dhibteedu aanay halkaasi dhaafin, oo aynu joojino, waxaanu uga

mahad celineyna falkii dhacay in aanay dhib ku sixin, ee ay fadhiyeen oo ay sugayeen go’aanka xukuumaddu ay qaadaneyso iyo go’aanka cida dhibta geysatay ay u soo dhaweyneyso, oday waliba gurigiisi iyo reerkiisi iyo ubadkiisi ayuu ka yimid, oo uu duurka ugalay in arrintaasi xal lagu dhammeeyo fidnadii dhacday ayaa damiseen ILLAAHEY heydinka abaal mariyo, ka gudi ahaan waxaanu garaney in maanta leysa soo hor fadhiisto waxaananu anaga iyo ciidamada amniguba aanu gacanta ku heyna hawsha”

Wasiirka Wasaaradda horumarinta Biyaha Saleban Yuusuf Cali koore oo ah gudoomiyaha gudidan xalinaya shaqaaqada ayaa hadalkiisa ku bilaabay “Teynu u fadhina maanta waxaa weeye, waxaad tihiin dhibane iyo dhibgeyste qoladda dhibta geysatay waxaa aanu ka rajeynaynaa oo aanu ka fileynaa sidii dhaqanku ahaa ee lagu yaqaaney in aad martaan wadadii dhaqanka aheyd ee lagu yaqaaney ee dhaqan, odayaasha dhibta loo geystay waxaanu aad iyo aad ugu amaaneynaa intii dhibtaa loo geystay in aanay wax dhiba ka daba geyn, culeyska ay arrintaasi xukuumaddu saareyso waad garaneysaan.

Shaqaaqadan ayaa ka dambaysay ka dib markii dhul beero ah la isku qabsaday, taas oo keentay in mid ka mid ah ku naf waayo, waana markii labaad ee weftiga u yimaado xalinta shaqaaqadan.



How you can help to spot, and stop, slavery

October 24, 2019

modern slavery campaign

Slavery has not gone away. Unbelievably, more than 250 cases were reported in London last year alone. A new national campaign is showing how you might be able to help spot the signs of modern slavery.

The campaign highlights how the problem is ‘hiding in plain sight’ and that there are a number of tell-tale signs of illegal exploitation to look out for. The campaign asks people to ‘Spot it. Stop it.’

It is believed people working in banks, social care or healthcare, or anyone recruiting for jobs, would be most likely to be able to identify potential victims and help authorities to take action. This is because slavery gang masters are known to exploit everyday elements of Londoners’ daily life, such as accessing free healthcare, opening a bank account or being able to claim employment benefits.

Campaign to raise awareness of modern slavery and how the public can help to spot it, and stop it
Campaign has started to raise awareness of modern slavery and how the public can help to spot it, and stop it. Healthcare reception rooms are just one of the places that tell-tale signs may show up

In 2018, the Metropolitan Police reported 263 cases of modern slavery in London. In Ealing, 10 potential victims were identified. But thousands of victims are believed to be living and working undetected in London – with forced labour being the most common form of illegal exploitation.

A potential victim may:
• Appear withdrawn, frightened or confused
• Appear unsure or be vague when giving personal details
• Be accompanied by someone who appears controlling or unwilling to leave them alone – and may be posing as their relative or translator
• Not be in possession of their own documents
• Be forced to pay cash wages into someone else’s bank account
• Share the same address as many others.

Nationally, the number of potential victims of modern slavery in the UK has increased year on year, with nearly 7,000 potential victims identified – according to the National Crime Agency, that is an increase of 75% in the five years from 2013-2018. Overall, victims – including children – are also now more likely to come from the UK, with referrals regarding UK nationals in 2017 increasing by 151% from the previous year.

Councillor Joanna Camadoo-Rothwell, Ealing Council’s cabinet member for community safety and inclusion, said: “This modern slavery campaign can help the public to help save victims from a life of exploitation – and even save lives. It is, frankly, astonishing and utterly horrific that slavery still exists, in any form. It must be rooted out and stopped and we wholeheartedly support anything that might pull someone out of this awful situation. I would urge everyone to read the list of tell-tale signs and to stay vigilant.”

More information – and reporting suspicions

You can call the national Modern Slavery Helpline on 08000 121 700 to get help, report a suspicion or seek advice. And you can find out more at the Modern Slavery Helpline website.
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